Eboue Leaves Too

Reports in The Times and both London Lite and The LondonPaper state that Eboue is on his way to Fiorentina.  The Times goes on to say that the player, or rather his agents have agreed a 5 year deal.  Fiorentina have offered £5.6m, whilst Arsenal values the player at £8.6m.

Fiorentina’s coach Cesare Prandelli said: Eboue is a very important player.  In attack he is second to very few players in his role.”

The deal is expected to be concluded before this week-end and bring the total money raised this summer to over £50m.

At the end of the friendly against Hanover96 Eboue made a point of going over to the Arsenal fans and giving his shirt to the fans and waving good-bye.

Eboue’s departure will not upset too many fans as he has made plenty of enemies with his histrionics, poor performances and lazy play.  When he burst onto the scene he was a revelation, once he had established himself he went backwards, forcing Wenger to sign Sagna.  Eboue then moved to a midfield role.  The problem was he never tracked back to help Sagna, was this because he had not forgiven Sagna for replacing him?  Whatever the reason he did not put his heart into the job which resulted in the fans turning on him and eventually led him to be substituted against Wigan when the jeers were too much.

Eboue returned tougher and better, but the die had been cast and any falling over was greeted with jeers.  Eboue became a cult figure at the Emirates, but this was out of ridicule and pity rather than out of anything genuine.

Some people have likened Eboue to Ray Parlour.  Anyone that does this insults Ray who would die for Arsenal and would not spend anytime rolling around the floor.

Eboue leaves for Fiorentina with the blessing of the Arsenal fans, there will be tears shed for him and there will be no fond memories.  It is a miracle that Arsene has found someone prepared to pay nearly £9m for him.

 Goodbye Eboue, they will love our tantrums in Italy.

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  1. You assume a lot in this article and are far too harsh on Eboue. His spell of poor performances had nothing to do with him not having ‘heart’, he just coudln’t pass the ball straight. There are a hell of a lot of mean spirited fans like you around though, so i don’t blame him for leaving.

  2. eboue at right back was a very good player. i still have memories of him sending a cross from which titi scored our winning goal against united at the emirates. i’ll never forget the cross tht led to rvp’s best ever goal in an arsenal shirt and i’d never forget the way he made zidane look like a muppet at the bernabau. when he was right back, no one complained abt his performances. i still see him as a top class right back . But he was converted to right wing by the manager and that was the beginning of his downfall even then i think he had better technique than walcott. he put in decent performances on the wing at times than walcott. but sometimes ur personality can make or break you. theo is a nice guy and a bit shy and i dare add the fact that he is english else he would have received more boos that eboue ever did. i believe wenger ruined eboue by insisting he play on the wing.

  3. If he didn’t roll around on the floor every time somebody walked past then he wouldn’t have gotten half as much hassle from the fans as he did/does. Yes he was good at right back but his play acting on the pitch was embarrassing.

  4. you are way too harsh on Eboue

  5. what do u think, if i tell u arsen wenger is considering a move for David Vija (valencia).we will play valencia in 8 august, and the monay that we can have will eboue’s sell, we can make an offer for them.if we give them 45 m we surely can take, and u know what , he would have been a fantastic player for us.

  6. Shkumbin- wenger wil not buy anyone in the remaining summer let alone villa , u r an idiot and as far as eboue goes,he was a briliant player and its not his fault that arsenal fans have no patience

  7. Isaac Sampson

    I agree with Tony on Eboue. His versatility was rare yet his personality attracted inexplicable contempt from arsenal fans. The manager moved him to the MF ‘cos of his speed and power but his passing game betrayed him. Non the less, not many players can adjust in such circumstances. Eboue will be an instant hit at Fiorentina; mark my words.

  8. great at right back, but i think sagna’s arrival took the wind out of his sails. he only looked enthusiastic when filling for sagna. the theatrics were embarrassing, but its unlikely we could’ve made it to the champion’s league final without him.

    wenger’s would do well here to negotiate some kind of trade involving montolivo and eboue plus cash, though i doubt fiorentina would be willing to part with two great mids in one summer.

  9. I like Eboue but lets be honest he’s not good enough for Arsenal. thats the simple reason behind him leaving. We have better players who would play the midfield wign roll; Traore, Wilshere… Then defence wise he isn’t gonna beat Sagna wgo’s better. he was good when he came but Sagna is better at right back so therefore he has to leave for regular football.

  10. No offence but what a load of bollocks. Eboue has plenty of faults in his game but the paragraph suggesting he didn’t track back, possibly because of a grudge with Sagna is ridiculous.

    Eboue failed to link well in Arsenal’s passing game when he played in midfield and seriously took away from our technical quality but one think that you can’t fault him on was workrate and Sagna looked a much, much better defender with Eboue in front of him than someone like Walcott.

    Also, Eboue never went backwards in his defensive role, he just simply never was devensively sound enough in comparison to a player like Sagna. His positioning defensively was always suspect, but when he originally broke the first team, this was well hidden due to his quality attacking play and robust defending.

  11. Still King Kolo

    Shkumbin you’re not the sharpest tool in the box are you? Never mind mate. As for Eboue, he was I agree an excellent right back and I actually think Wenger screwed his career up. He’ll never be the best RB in the world that he threatened to be when he started out. Its still King Kolo for me but 14m in his last contracted season with a AN Cup in it… you’d be nuts not to sell to the also rans

  12. What the hell!? Is this what we do at Arsenal? “Good riddance!”, to every player that isn’t Vieira or Pires or Henry. Eboue showed at the end of last season as well as this preseason that he is a better RB than Sagna is. Sagna has not been the same since his injury, and now our depth on the back line is even more in doubt.

    • why is bergkamp never mentioned anymore GoonerVance?
      and eboue was a brilliant right-back, just sagna was better defensively. i will be sad to see him go as he can be brilliant but good buisness nonetheless

      • northbanklegend

        Bergkamp wasa gentleman.

        You never heard a word from him, he signed one year deal after one year deal and never complained

  13. Eboue is a great versatile player with speed and willingness to take on players. You are way too harsh on him. Ok he has had some bad games but so has every other member of the squad. If he goes, it will be a shame, but 9 million for him woudln’t be a bad bit of business either.

  14. Good luck to you, Eboue. I appreciated your work and dedication when you were at right back filling in. I don’t think you were the same player at all when you were moved into midfield however. You definitely lacked a scoring touch when you were presented opportunities, you flopped quite a bit on fouls, and seemed very tempermental at times.
    Regardless, you were a good player and didn’t deserve the fans turning on you.
    Thanks for your service and good luck in Italy.

  15. You are just factually wrong. Eboue tracked back all the time for Sagna — just compare how rarely anything bad happened when Sagna went forward with Eboue backing him, vs Theo, where Arsenal are exposed again and again and again. Arsenal has no midfielder who works as well or effectively with Sagna as Eboue.

    Since this view of yours is so blatantly wrong, I assume the rest of your views are, too.

    By the way, no player last year had a better winning record as a starter on this team than Eboue — how do you explain that?

  16. its arsenal fans what you expect? Most of them are just idiots. its a shame that we have people like that among our ranks. go spit your venom elswhere

  17. BillikenGooner

    All I can say is if he does go, and after that Wenger still doesn’t buy anyone.. even some 20 year old from France that no one has ever heard of…

    I will really begin to think something hinky is going on in the front office with the money.

  18. He was very good at right back and when in the right mood did play some good footy, but I have to agree that his play acting was awful and when his head was down he was a big liability. If wenger gets 8 mil for him it would be good money for the club.

  19. his crossing is 100x better than clichys air ball or sagnas can’t get past 1st man/air ball. Walcott is also not good enough or consistent enough to start every game, and he exposes sagna too much. Also eboue is extremely direct and runs at players something that players like nasri, denilson, song don’t do

  20. good luck to eboue, (lets not forget he aint gone anywhere just yet) he showed big balls at the end of the season. i think getting that type of money for himis good business but u need squad players like him at the same time.
    personally i was never his biggest fan cos i simply couldnt tollerate how easily he gave away possesion,it always seemed that he just didnt care that his pass went straight to the opposition, and that just aint the arsenal way

  21. I think you are being too harsh on eboue, he was always one of my favourite players, many players dive. I always remembered eboue cutting into the centre from the wing and creating freekicks, his last ditch tackle on a runaway joe cole last year. He is much better than you give him credit for.


  23. arsenal fans are thinking waywardly eboue at right back was a very good player for us only for wenger to bring him out for sagna bcos of his french sentiment, i think eboue is far better than sagna who can’t make a single perfect cross for the strikers .why sell eboue again there will be no more cover at right back and we will be missing his untility.

  24. Guys lets face it….. the squad is weakening …….

  25. Fiorentina's Supporter

    We would be very pleased to have Ebouè in Florence!!! I think as my coach about it…

    P.S. I think that Arsenal is one of the best clubs in the world because it has a lot of young players. This is good for football.

    Greetings from Florence!

  26. in time we will all see that eboue was a better player than walcott. mark my words

    • northbanklegend

      I can’t beleive people can even mention Eboeu and Walcott in the same sentence, never mind say Eboue was / is / wil lbe better than walcott

  27. I like Eboue-boue

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