Arsenal Transfers Next Week or Never

As the Austrian training camp draws to a close, Arsene and his staff have a better understanding of where the squad needs to be strengthened in particular now the Adebayor has left and Toure is virtually a Man City player too, whilst Eboue and Senderos are also looking at Arsenal exits.

If Arsene sold the remaining four players he would have £55 million to spend, but before people go mad, he will not spend that sort of money.

A centre back is a top priority and Hangeland of Fulham is the prime candidate.  He has already rejected a new contract at Fulham, and an offer in the region of £12million would be hard for Fulham to turn away.  Vermaelen is a quality player who likes to play the ball out of defence, whilst Hangeland is a fully blooded typical English centre back, the type of player we need.

The striker situation has cleared up slightly with both Chamakh and Huntelaar available. The Dutch striker turned down a move to VfB Stuttgart in the hope of securing a transfer to the Premier League.  Tottenham have bought Crouch and have released Bent to Sunderland, unless they can sell Pavlychenko, and nobody is prepared to pay £13million for him, then they are no longer in the market for Hunterlaar.  This leaves the usual suspects, Liverpool (could be used by Real as part of the Alonso transfer), but where will Benitez, I only play with one striker, play him or Manchester United whose financial problems have meant that Fergie has had to hand over the Ronaldo transfer fee to the Glazers to help them pay off their debts.

Arsenal’s other target is Marouane Chamakh, who claims he has agreed terms with Sunderland, Fulham and Blackburn.  Sunderland have bought Bent and Campbell, so I would be surprised if they looked at further striking options, Fulham are unable to sell Zamora, so will only go for Chamakh if they sell Hangeland to Arsenal and Blackburn, well who cares about them.

One paper has us looking at Cattermole of Wigan.  I do not see this personally and if we were to buy a central midfielder I would prefer Mohamadou Diarra from Real Madrid, he has experience and will not cost a fortune.

Next week should be a busy week for Arsene.  He will be back in England and will be able to assess the situation further once the Emirates Cup has ended.  Next week will see the arrival of players at Arsenal that will give us that adrenalin burst that we need to hit the floor running in our quest for the Premier League.

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  1. You said that no one want to pay 313m for Pavluchenko? I wish Wenger can buy him for a tenner because he is a helluva finnisher-much better than Ade. If he came to us this season he would be a top scorer. He is a fabulous player. I like him a lot.
    That way we would teach some ppl something.

    • northbanklegend

      There was a rumour, and I add it was a wild rumour, that Spurs offered us him for £6m, but this i do not believe as Spurs want the full amount they paid for him and nobody, not even Man City are prepared to pay this!!

  2. I really hope Wenger buys someone who’s known finisher. Obafemi Martins could do business for us. He is experienced, he is hungry after living in a limbo at Newcasstle. With our passes he could easily be top scorer. He can head, shoot and beat defenders something Ade could’nt. With Hangeland and Gallas at the back any ambulant DM would be adequate but an introduction of Mamadou Diarra from Real Madrid would make us hotter than a plate of Vindaloo

  3. Finally at the end of the month we won’t sign any more players. Wenger will actually say “we trust our players,, I believe we can do well this season”.

  4. Just wait and see what happens, there is too much wild speculation, this website claimed, exactly one month to the day that Arsenal were about to launch bids for Ribery, Benzema and Melo, this would all be funded by Adebayor’s pending move to Milan. Great work, all wrong. We have been linked through various blogs with close to two hundred players so far in the close season with a month to go. Sit back and wait for solid news and picture on the arsenal website of new player wearing the shirt, until then treat all pending signings with the contempt it deserves.

    • northbanklegend

      The Melo deal was a close thing and we should have gone for it especially as Fiorentian want Eboue.

      Benzema and Ribery had me in stitches. I was merely reporting what the papers said, but as I said I could not see Wenger spending that sort of money,
      Adebayor’s sale was the key to bringing in Chamakh and that was re-iterated by Wenger who said that Chamakh was an option if someone left.
      The whole summer is one big speculation fest! I have stated time and time again that most of the links are player’s agents trying to get deals pushed through for their players or get pay increases for their players

  5. i have to admit i would rather see huntelaar than martins any day, but still think eduardo is the man for the job as long as he keeps his fitness. another centre back and a DM have to remain the priority (please not cattermole). without these we wont get champions league football next season. song, diaby and denilson just arent good enough. and i still think a top quality keeper is needed at the emirates.

    but whoever we start with, lets get right behind them. GOONERS!!!!!

  6. aaron gunner4eva

    i realllly hope AW does buy at least 2-3 players we have no chance of winning anything without 2-3 new strong player at arsenal. i hope im wrong as i dont believe we will get 2 😦

  7. Let’s hope Wenger has turned the corner and will bring in the quality needed for a title shot. M. Diarra from madrid is as good an option as any. Chamahk’s arrival would elevate our number of strikers who can beat defenders for pace and score to two. Vela, Bendy, Theo, Rvp these players can’t lead the line because they can’t unless you’re daft enough to think one summer will change everything. We’re weaker without Ade and Toure, and that team finished a solid fourth. Again, let’s hope Wenger has turned the corner.

  8. My name is Haji Ramazani iam very glad to see younger players who were soccor golden gools I also thanks all the players in Arsenal, thank you Wenger for doing a good job, but we need strong players I hope you will make the suporters to be happy. we need to go back 2000–2004

  9. we need alot of experience player! Then we can do wonder! We hope wenger can! Buy! Them! Next season will be for arsenal.

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