Arsenal Will Challenge for the League Next Season

The press and radio are having another field day with Arsenal, writing about our demise before a ball has been kicked.  The rationale behind this theory is we haven’t spent any money so we will struggle to qualify for the Europa League, never mind the Champions League.

Well let’s look at this matter in detail.

If Clichy and Sagna can rediscover their form of two years ago, once more we will have a solid defence.  Wenger has strengthened the defence with the signing of Vermaelen and if Toure leaves, then he will add one more defender. 

In midfield the key is not the “holding” player, but Fabregas.  If Fabregas starts to tick from day one, so will the rest of the team.  In Denilson, Song and Diaby Wenger has three players who should compliment Fabregas, but is Cesc does not find form then we will suffer.

In the attacking third of the field we have the most attacking players and option available than any other club in the Premier League.  Commentators ignore the return of Rosicky and Eduardo, they do not realise what these two players will bring to the team.  In addition we will Arshavin for the whole season.  This player is a winner and possesses the ability to unlock some of the packed defences we will encounter at the Emirates.  Wenger has a wealth of riches to choose from in terms of attackers, van Persie, Eduardo, Bendtner, Vela, Arshavin, Walcott, Nasri, Rosicky and Wilshere.

Now let’s look at our rivals.

Liverpool have added Johnson, period.  They could lose one if not both of Alonso and Maschareno this week and they are so reliant on the goals of Gerrard and Torres that they are two long term injuries away from Premier League mid-table football.

Manchester United have lost Tevez and Ronaldo and Fergie has been riled by Manchester City.  He is worried be cause he realises that despite the goals that Owen has scored in friendlies they count for nothing once the season begins.  Ronaldo scored 25 goals last season and countless assists, where are they going to come from this season? Fergie has his wings clipped in terms of spending money this season and does not like it.

Chelsea are as always stable and will one or two players.  Their biggest problems are the age of the squad and Carlo Ancelotti.  Ancelotti is Roman’s pick and the previous manager chosen by the boss failed, furthermore Ancelotti has won only one league trophy in all his years in Italy.

There are as always several pretenders.  Tottenham, Everton, Aston Villa and Manchester City.

Tottenham are stuck in a vicious circle of buying plenty of mediocre players, overpaying them and not able to sell them on.

Everton have no money and Moyes will cobble together a challenge for the Europa League, but Everton are traditional slow starters to their league campaign.

Aston Villa have lost a key midfielder and replaced him with an over-rated winger who has a broken leg.  Their season went pear-shape the moment they bought Heskey.

Manchester City are the biggest challengers, but Hughes did not show last season that he can get a group of players to gel together.  City at one stage flirted with relegation.  It will take one or two bad results and the Cit bubbler will burst with the likes of Tevez and Adebayor complaining about spending too much time on the bench.

I do not believe or listen to the doom and gloom mongers.  Wenger will strengthen the team but we are not far off challenging for the league, we need to find form early this season and start to score goals from all over the place then we will challenge and plent y of pundits will have to eat their own words.

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  1. Nice one, good to read a blog where the writer actualy knows about football and the problems facing the other top four clubs and the pretenders below.

  2. this is right, i think so too.qe are in a good position if we look more carefuly at our club.and i truely belive this year we can win the tittle, this belive come to me because wenger has said, if this seasen we do not win we have to change something (the transpher strategy), so i really think the players will start to give more than 100% on the pitch to keep the opportunity to play for this klub.the likes of nasri, diaby, arshavin, denilson, bendner, vela and the others will truely be much better than last seasen because of it.

    • northbanklegend

      We have so many good players, it jsut takes a little confidence and then we are buzzing.
      Anyone who saw the youth team will realise we have such a great production line at the club, the same cannot be said about the other teams

  3. It says a lot when you have to go around all the other clubs and point out there problems and deficiencies while you paint Arsenal as being genuine title contenders,wake up and smell the coffee we finished 20 points behind last season we were practically out of the title race by Christmas.But good on you for trying to make us all feel better it almost worked for a second or two !

    • northbanklegend

      All I am saying is all the pundits have a go at Arsenal and think everyone else is perfect, well lets be realistic everyone has problems as well as Arsenal, no team is the finished product but to write us off before a ball is kicked, do me a favour.

  4. this is the best blog i hav ever read cos it has the problems surrounding the other top 4 teams and the pretenders

  5. Only problem is Man United don’t need to score a lot to win. They are perfectly fine with holding the weak teams to 1-0 victories and getting a handful of points from the other big 3. This works because frankly there are about twice as many bad teams(13) as good(7).

    Whereas we struggle with the middle table teams but play well against the top competition but if you look at it that way the numbers are against us.

  6. Yeah i know exactly what you mean but people have a go at us because they see we are the weak link in the top 4 and with city on this meteoric spending blitz its only fair for people to suggest,especially with our selling them players and not replacing them,that we are going to be under real pressure to stay in the top 4.By the way it really depresses me to be talking in terms of barely holding on to 4th rather than challenging for the title,i dont want to do it but thats the reality as far as i can see.

  7. Aja from Nigeria

    Good piece. We do have spaces left to plug but so do others. Of the 4 top teams, we are the least threatened by Citymania. With 80% of our squad injury-free, it’s a roller.

  8. cescfiberglass

    i disagree with your post-

    last few seasons we have been fighting for 4th at end of the season.

    the other 3 are usually comfortable with their positioning. The porblem is we didn’t have any squad depth. The other teams all have quality depth on the bench, aside from liverpoool really.

    ManU might have issues withouth CR9 and Tevez, but so far owen looks on form, and they still have rooney and a potentially (about as equal as adebayor) good berba..they still have good depth on their bench with a solid mix of youth and experience. but they have a rock solid core, including a deadly def, so they dont have to worry as much. they were a class above everyone last season. and they still got valencia who is proven to be good as well. owen and valencia should be easily able to cover for the lack of tevez..and just a touch of ronaldo..but they will miss cr9.

    Chelsea is..well..Chelsea, self explanatory..a plethora of experience, and some up and comers, but a rock solid def back there, including the top goalkeeper in the league. a midfield of death with ESSIEN AND LAMPS..that is almost untouchable..then add malouda, deco, joe hole, to chose from on the wings, and still have anelka and drogba who are pretty good players..they also added a – looks to be so far- quality winger in zhirkov.. they have another top european team..

    livercunt-well aside from torres and gerrard, they are fucked. just like us.. if they sign silva -which is a possibility- they will be a solid force. masch is great. and their def is not bad. reinea is pretty good to. i think if their start players come to play and they dominate the game and liverpool will win in tthe end. the other players just feed off the energy of gerrard and torress. liverpool wil def not have a problem to finish top 3..but will never win the league with this team.

    arsenal-well..we lost nasri for the beginning of the season-just where we fucked up last year. and we have manu and man c in that first few weeks-title challengers..

    ade was our top man for the past 2 years, and he has been decent but not what we needed.still our top reliable man, now he is gone..just like when henry was gone- he was our top man for years.and then lost him ..after that we struggled with ade as our only top man left…now losing our top man again, without replacing properly.. just relying on our up and commers

    van the man is awesome..but we have to hope he can go another season being not injured…eduardo is still on the comeback. NO WAY you can expect him to be at top form right off the bat. Bendter is good, just not good enough to be a top class right now. he needs more time. vela and walcott-just havent proven to handle the length of a full season.. It is crucial to sign another striker, atleast a sturdy one that will stay fit..

    NOW that nasri is gone for an important 2 months- he is a HIGHLY-possibly our MOST versatile player on the field. we are lacking. ARshaving is good anywhere across the front 1/3 of the pitch, fabregas is obviously our CM man..AGAIN rosicky needs time to get into shape, cannot expect ANYTHING from him for atleast a month..he needs time.

    song denilson diaby- are good players. just not world class or top players, and its obvious 1 or 2 of them will start, and they are just not good enough to complement cesc. for cesc to be in form, he needs a reliable and hardworking midfielder to cover his ass.. cesc is the vision of our team, he is our quarter back. he needs someone watching out for him while he is searching the filed. flamini did that GREAT! he attacked whoever whenever and let fabregas just worry about getting the ball to his target man. denilson does nothing. just waits for the ball to come to him so he can ditch it to a defender or to the DEF ability really. song is good but slow, still not good enough for cesc..and well diaby is just shite back there i think..

    nasri was decent back there..he hustled, but we dont have that option.
    we do not have ANY quality depth. just depth that has potential to be good.

    i proally went off topic somewhere.. but all im trying to show is that other teams have quality depth on the field or on the bench. proven at some time or another..our only proven players are gallas, fabs, van p, arshavin, nasri, sagna,clichy somewhat; and toure-soon to be gone, eduardo and rosicky- who are off of long layoffs..
    everyone else has the potential to be really good, but right now are just good enough for to be backups/subs only, not starters at club like Arsenal – who wants to win championships.

    • northbanklegend

      A couple of seasons ago Bent was scoring goals for fun for Spurs in re-season, once the season started he couldn’t hit a cow’s backside with a banjo. Do not read too much into pre-season form.

      United will struggle, Ronaldo was crucila to them but Ade was not crucial to us.

  9. I think you’re completely right northbanklegend!

    Arsenal do have strength in depth.

    I guess this would be our first team at the start of the season:

    Almunia, Sagna, Gallas, Vermaelan, Clichy, Song, Fabregas, Arshavin, Walcott, Van Persie, Bendtner

    Song ended the season really well and has proven that he can become a top defensive midfielder.

    I could imagine Cesc and Song as two holding players with Arshavin van Persie and Walcott supporting Bendtner (who also ended the season well)

    Then you would have a second team of:

    Fabianski, Eboue, Djourou, Senderos/Silvestre, Gibbs, Denilson, Ramsey, Rosicky, Diaby, Vela, Eduardo

    So the seven substitutes could be Fabianski, Djourou, Eboue/Diaby, Rosicky, Denilson, Vela, Eduardo – not a bad bench at all!

    You still have to remember that Nasri is injured but will be back and Jack WIlshere and Armand Traore (who has been impressive in pre-season) are not even included. Add to our plethora of promising youngsters who we can call upon in desperate times.

    Maybe we need to sell SIlvestre and Senderos and replace them with a top defender and I’m still not sure about Fabianski, but Wenger must see something in him.

    Apart from a top quality reserve goalie then, I think we should all be optimistic. We have a very strong squad that can only get better and better as the players mature.

    I think Chelsea and Manchester United may have more strength in depth in central defence than us but we have better cover in the full-back positions, wide areas and upfront. And just look at man united’s midfield midfield for example: Anderson (poor season last year), Nani (not top class), Valencia (unproven at a top club), Fletcher and Park (hard-working but lack top quality), Hargreaves (will he ever be fit?), Carrick (ok I admit- a good player, but not as good as cesc), Scholes and Giggs (surely won’t play too much). They have a lot of good players to choose from in midfield but no-one that would have you quaking in your boots, yet they still won the title and made it to the champions league final last year!

    • northbanklegend

      It looks like Eboue is leaving, and I agree we should sell Silvestre and Senderos.

      I hope Vela gets a chance this season. He looks dynamic in the Gold Cup.

  10. I think this is a good come back of Ros and Eduardo and think next season will be interesting more than people can think.

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