Arsenal to Retire The Number 25

As a sign of respect to the previous wearers of the number 25 and to ensure that any future owners of the shirt are not inflicted with the same syndrome, Arsenal FC should consider retiring the number 25 shirt.

The two previous owners of the number 25 both went through the same career path at Arsenal. 

Kanu joined us and was a joy to watch, the skills this man possessed were amazing.  In his second season at Arsenal he scored 17 goals in 48 games.  Kanu was duly rewarded with a new contract.  Once he had his new contract, Kanu’s career at Arsenal went downhill.  He started to look more lackadaisical than he normally did.  His appearances were soon restricted to a substitute appearance and eventually he left with no tears shed by the Arsenal fans.

Roll on a couple of years and another highly skilled player joins Arsenal and wears the number 25 shirt. Adebayor looked like a poor version of Kanu to start with, but soon he showed that he too possessed good ball control, and he started to add goals to his repertoire.  Adebayor was rewarded with a new contract, but as with Kanu his form nosedived after that.

These were too very skilful players who played and fought hard to earn a new contract.  Once their pay went up their form took a dip.  To prevent others going down the same route, Arsenal should retire the number 25.

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  1. “Arsenal to Retire The Number 25”???

    Much like “Arsenal SHOULD Retire The Number 25”

    Blogging for hits huh?

  2. Retire the No. 25shirt?
    C’mon…..this must be a joke.
    I fclubs did this all numbers would probably hvae gone to the glass house by now and we’d be using the higher denominatins like porto and AC Milan.
    This sounds like like a superstitious trip if you ask me.

  3. It does not make sense at all.
    just forget it. Give the No. 25 to either Arshavin or van Persie whether the would follow the same path.
    They are not just too good, Not the No 25.

  4. Retire the number 25 because of Kanu and Adebayor? lol, you’re an idiot. We should retire 14 if anything.

  5. nonsense !!

  6. Comparison of Kanu’s career with Adebayor’s is MOST unfortunate.

    Though Adebayor associated himself with Kanu’s career when he first arrived Arsenal, the two followed different career paths. Indeed, he did so because Kanu left a positive goodwill in Arsenal; imagine another West African player joining Arsenal and extolling Adebayor on his sign up date!!

    Kanu was and is still more professional in his dealings with his club, country and with several Aid Organizations he is associated with in Nigeria and internationally.

    Kanu made his mark as a mid-fielder when he was in Ajax and in his country’s national teams. It was in Arsenal that he was converted into a supporting striker. Though he thrived somewhat in the role, his game was always much slower than Arsenal preferred to play and, over time, his great ball skills were not enough to bridge the gap.

    Thus, Kanu couldn’t command a regular shirt due to this difference but NEVER due to a dip in attitude or commitment! Everytime he came in, he held the ball up beautifully as a lone striker waiting for his colleagues to join up and he always supplied great killer passes as a supporting striker.

    To the best of my recollection, Kanu’s departure was amicable and he always received rousing ovation in Highbury and later, in the Emirates Stadium from grateful Arsenal faithfuls. More often than not, he would score against Arsenal at Arsenal’s home to the respectful applause of Arsenal faithfuls and of Wenger’s praise. Pre amd Post match relations with old Arsenal faces were always with sincere hugs and smiles…


    To be fair to Kanu and his illustrious service for Arsenal in the No. 25 shirt, you ought to gracefully withdraw your comment.

    Fem Dee

    Fem Dee

  7. Oh yes, that’ll definitely “prevent others going down the same route”. I’ve no idea why no one’s thought of it already. Retire all shirt numbers associated with any two players who’ve dipped in form and left.

    On the other hand we could simply retire your good self from this insanity and all this naffness will go away.

  8. You also leave out the small detail of Kanu having heart problems which has greatly affected his football, there is no comparison to be made.

  9. And everyone see it

    BS article

  10. And everyone sees it

    BS article

  11. I always read your blogs but this particular post is ridiculous. How can you compare KANU and ADEBAYOUR???

    Talk about skill or first touch? Kanu is a million times better than Adebayour in terms of SKILL and ATTITUDE. The only thing the had in common was the number 25 and you may do a survey/poll and ask fellow gunners what the think about the silky KANU and adebayour

    You really need to withdraw this post…

    • northbanklegend

      Guys this is meant to brighten up an otherwise very slow and long summer.
      Both players had different attributes, Kanu had you gawping at what he could do then left you annoyed at his ambling football style.
      Adebayor had the ability to go past players and scored many goals but once again frustrated us with his attitude, both wore the number 25 shirt, so maybe it is the shirt that changes players attitude, the same way that no player has succeeded at Arsenal when wearing the number.
      The curse of the number 9 will be pblished next week.

  12. This is one of the worst articles i’ve read in recent times. To compare the KANU one of the greatest arsenal players ever to Adebayor is RIDICULOUS!

    Find something else to do if you are out of ideas!

  13. Kanu was a star, don’t belittle his input! Ade was treated very badly by so called Gooners. You are so wrong in your article.

  14. Yes Kanu had all the skill in the world but Adebayor is a better striker. Did Kanu ever get 30 goals let alone 25 in a season. No. Ade is a class above, although Kanu is an Arsenal legend

  15. am sorry for you..
    you dont know kanu you?
    please for fuck sake dont disrespect kanu…

    • northbanklegend

      Sorry mate, but as a season ticket holder at Arsenal for over 20 years I have seen many players come and go, I do nto rely upon youtube snips to make my judgement on players. Kanu was a great servant, but anyone who saw him in the last coupel of season knwe he was only interested in obtaining a permant right to stay in England more that he was in playing, which is why he refused to move abroad.


  17. or not…..i dnt realy now…..

  18. how dare you retire a number cause ade left, fine he did all he could do for the club when he was there does that mean he goes with the number. kindly save the 25 for chamakh or villa it will look good on either of them

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