Chamakh Agrees Terms So Will Arsene Look at Villa

We know that Arsene Wenger is monitoring Moroccan striker Marouane Chamakh, the boss told everyone that.  We also know that Chamakh would love to come to the Emirates.  We have a vacancy now as Adebayor has left and with the terrible news that Nasri will be out until October; this means that both Arshavin and Walcott will spend more time on the wings.

So what is the problem?  Wenger said he has the money to spend, yet it appears that Lyons have entered the race for the striker and Sunderland, Fulham and Blackburn have agreed terms with the player, and all that waits is for the player to decide if which club he wants to join and fight against relegation.

Our interest, so strong in the papers and on the web seems to have diminished. No player is going to wait and wait for Arsenal to make a move, we may never make that move and he may have missed other opportunities.

I do not think Arsene will make a move for any player until after the Emirates Cup.  By that time we would have played 5 friendlies and Arsene will know whether or not his strikers have the ability to lead us next season or whether he needs to enter the transfer market.

But will it be too late?  Tow of the leading candidates, Chamakh and Huntelaar will not wait for Arsenal; they would have left by then. We lost out on Benzema due to Real’s mad transfer policy; however there remain two players that are still available.

The first is the old chestnut, Obafemi Martins, who in all honesty had one good season at Newcastle.  I am not too excited by Martins, will he be any different to Adebayor, and I doubt it.

The second is a player that for some reason has fallen off the radar for all teams.  He is David Villa.  It was expected that Villa will move to Real or Barcelona, but they have recruited Benzema and Ibrahimovic, respectively. He could be a surprise purchase that will shock the footballing world.  With no other teams in the market for Villa, Wenger can expect to do business at £30million.  Could our friendly against Valencia have something to do with a possible purchase?

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  1. we will never.. i repeat NEVER sign Villa.

  2. wenger do your fans a martins and david villa.also purchase a good defensive midfielder

  3. cescfiberglass

    Nasri is out for 3 months, atleast.. Villa is NEEDED badly, as arshavin/walcott/vela will need to concentrate on the attacking midfield role

  4. omg seems that people are desperate! Villa will NEVER come to Arsenal. I belivie Wenger will buy Huntelaar and is working in the shadows to sign him. He NEVER announces that he is interested in someone on the official website. I think he said that just for the press to focus on Chamack and not on huntelaar which will be our striker next season!

  5. are we stupid to even dream about this…come on..dont just write anything for the sake of bringing in readers…30 million for villa..n where from will tht money come…arsene don’t have the cash…its evident. sign cana and hangeland and lets see how things turn out..if samir is out for long then may be a winger..rosisky is just making his way back…

    n i dream….y not beckham.!! wenger was close to signing him before he decided to go to LA…wht tremendous money he will bring into the club…n he is jolly good as well plus we dont have a dead ball specialist..but enough of wish full thinking….wenger sign in hangeland and cana…plzzzzzzzzzz

  6. We have got no money. Despite having sky high ticket prices, it is completely clear now that Arsene has no money to spend. The Board are only concerned with generating strong equity returns for the shareholders, not with winning trophies. We should have taken Usmanov’s £100 Million……then we could have bought Villa

  7. Jack Staniforth

    Arsene Wenger would want three players for thirty million, not that he has thirty million. Can you imagine a thirty million pound player sitting in the stands with his leg in plaster for a season, and knowing Arsenal`s luck it could happen, it would be the end of Wengers reign. No, not Mr Villa i`m afraid.
    On the subject of managers I read Sven Eriksson is talking to Notts County. When is the football world going to wake up to this guy, he`s the biggest con artist in football.

  8. well thats clearly not going to happen.
    2 things i think NEED to happen though: 1) Hangeland & 2) defensive midfielder with BITE, someone whos looks to dominate the midfield battle e.g. cana (who’s not even expensive by the way)..not saying he’s the only option but we defintely need to start dominating again.

    i miss vieira, gilberto, petit, & to a lesser extent flamini
    oh and another thing, i know he’s pretty small, but diarra shouldn’t have been allowed to leave. wenger needs to man up

  9. Not gonna happen.

    The chance is as slimmer as David Villa joining Aston Villa.

    Wenger won’t break the bank even if he has the $$$.

  10. yo cool down mate.. we are not goin to cross teh 15 mil mark for anyone..

  11. hi
    i think that J.C.HUNTELAR and CHAMAKH both mast to come to arsenal.
    but realy we need to exellent stoper midfielder as Daniele De Ross(AS Roma)Yaya Toure(barca).
    DAVID VILLA will sign for barcelona as soon.
    Huntelar can help arsenal team to become champione of premiere league and other cups.

  12. Arsene just sign chamakh we want more signings I have been waiting all year for new signings and all we get is one…

  13. sensible gunner

    we have tonnes of money….TONNES! so much money we shouldnt know what to do with it all… that wenger wont buy not that we dont have money….

  14. hey i think wenger should bring in Jan klans huntlear plus the likes of David villa and another perfect midfield stopper to play alongside song and let them compete
    definitely we shall see a perfect ARSENAL IN THE YEAR 2009-2010

  15. gooners….. listen, we dont know what happened inside our team, is it financial problems or else.
    1 thing for sure the boss wont spend much money even if we need it and we had money.
    He wants to prove that he capable bringing trophies to arsenal without spend much.
    He proud everybody calling him professor in soccer but infact he just another businessman who try to prove that he is right.
    so….. if you a gooners just watch the games and dont expect anything.
    Trust me he just want to make his name a legend in soccer at any cost but I hope he is right and can do it….. dream on gooners and good luck

  16. First of all fack U “akgooners” What the hell u in this site for!??? But brothers Villa wouldnt be bad! Cesc Would be happy! An Xabi Alonso! He would be our new veira! Think abt him an Cesc in the middle. We would win all! Maybe am just dreaming but I would love to have david villa an xabi alonso at Emirates!

  17. Arsenal will never spend that amount on any player as Villa, i’d love it but yes ITS A DREAM, Huntelar may be the one @ $17 Mil., that sounds realistic if he can drop his wage demands a bit, and just look at his goal scoring ratio, incredible for his age!

  18. We need to sign villa at any cost. He can make different.

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