Strikers for Next Season

Now that we have seen the back of Emmanuel Adebayor, Arsene has £25 million to recruit a replacement, but do we need another striker?

Arsene Wenger has plenty of attacking options at his disposal before he even has to look elsewhere.

Robin van Persie showed us what he was capable of doing last season, when during our dark months of December and January he either created or scored every goal.  That period demonstrated that the Dutchman has the potential to emulate the great Dennis Bergkamp.

At Arsene’s disposal this season will be Eduardo, who is a lethal striker.  Give him half a chance and the ball will be in the back of the net.  We need Eduardo to be fit and to play as he was before he was injured.  Eduardo, given a run will score plenty of runs next season.

Nicklas Bendtner has made tremendous progress last season.  He scored only one goal less than Adebayor and proved that he is a battler.  He has a terrible spell in terms of scoring, but carried on fighting.  He always gave 100%, and linked up well with the midfield.  The departure of Adebayor will allow Bendtner to play more often and he will progress in the same way that Fabregas did once Vieira left.

Carlos Vela is still an enigma.  What is his best position and will Arsene give him a chance this season.  He was given very few starting opportunities in the league last season which made it difficult for the Mexican wizard to impress.  If Wenger buys another striker, Vela will go out on loan, otherwise Vela get his chance.

Wenger has two more players who can and wish to play in more advanced central positions.

The first is Theo Walcott who ultimately will be a central striker, whether it is time for Arsene to move him forward just yet remains to be seen.  He did not have successful under-21 championships, but that was down to the treatment he received from Stuart Pearce.

In Andriy Arshavin Wenger has a playmaker and goal scorer who will score goals and give Arsene a genuine option if needed to play a central striker.  It is the Russian’s preferred position and if successful in pre-season, Arsene will seriously consider using Arshavin as a striker next season.

Arsene has stated that he will look at things over the next couple of weeks before making any move for a replacement for the Togolese striker. If he decides we have plenty of options up front, Chamakh will not be joining us, but I trust Wenger will look at things realistically and sign the Moroccan striker next week.

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  1. i dno about wenger i think hes goin mad

  2. Not too bothered if we don’t replace Ade. We do need, however, a Flamini in m/f so why not bring him home. At the same time, we need a David Dein at Board level
    in order to move AFC forward with the times.

  3. i feel v have enuf potential strikers already..
    i xpect a lot from edu ths time…
    n i feel carlos vela is an untapped resource..
    even better than bendtner…

  4. I think Wenger should buy Huntelaar! He scores a lot and he is dutch so he’ll team up with RVP and be the best attacking partners in Arsenal history. Chamach hasn’t impressed me an he plays as a Second Striker! Like RVP or Arshavin. We dont need him! Of course we have Eduardo who scores alot aswell but what if he gets injured? Who will score our goals? THE HUNTER!

  5. Flam was a one season success after some six or so seasons; one never knows! Let’s just stop this Famini talk. As to strikers, I hope we don’t experience last season’s scenario when Walcott, Adebayo, Eduardo & Rosicky were away due to injuries. Ade should be replaced.

    • northbanklegend

      Flamini you are right, was a one season wonder like Adebayor was.

      With a little luck with injuries we have enough firepower

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