Adebayor a Tribute

As the big man moves to pastures new, it is time to remember what he really did at Arsenal.

Adebayor spent three and half very colourful seasons at Arsenal.  Scoring straight away against Birmingham, and ending up scoring 4 goals in 13 appearances.  My memory of his first season at Highbury was when in one game, he failed to square the ball for Henry who would have tapped the ball in.  Adebayor missed the goal and then endured an ear-bashing from Thierry.  The overall comments on Adebayor’s first season at Arsenal were that his first touch and finishing had to improve.

Season two saw Adebayor lead the line as both van Persie and Henry spent most of the season out injured.  With no strike partners, Adebayor was made to work hard and that he did, but his finishing still had the jury out.  He scored 12 goals in 44 appearances including the winner at Old Trafford.

His third season was the best, scoring 30 goals in 48 games. Something that surprised even the manger.  He spent most of the season playing the loan striker’s role as once again van Persie and Eduardo were both out injured for most of the season. He scored 24 goals in the league, 6 of those against poor Derby County.  He will be remembered most in that season when he came on against Tottenham in the Carling Cup and came to blows with Bendtner.  Another surprising fact was that he did not score a European goal until the return leg against AC Milan. This was Adebayor’s golden season, and who can forget his wonder goal against Spurs at the Lane.

Last summer was the telling point in the relationship between Adebayor and the Arsenal fans. Adebayor and his agent openly courted AC Milan and it was widely reported that they were prepared to offer £25million for the striker.  Arsene was not prepared to let him leave as Eduardo was injured and nobody knew if van Persie was going to last a complete season.

Many fans wished we had sold last year, saying he will never score as many goals for us and we will never get another opportunity to get £25million for him.

His final season proved fans right, he did not reproduce the same form; in fact his work ethic was laughable.  Fans were lamenting the lost money, saying that we would be lucky to get £15million.  Adebayor’s highlight was the goal against Villarreal, whilst the rest of the season had fans tearing their hair out.

Thankfully, Mark Hughes realised he needed a ninth striker and was able to persuade the Arabs to shell out £25million for the Adebayor.

Adebayor leaves Arsenal with the fans blessing and leaving behind very few memories, but he leaves us with £25million.

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  1. Adebayor, sadly has not endeared himself to majority of the fans. He claimed to want to be like Kanu. Well, majority of the fans still respect Kanu who conducted himself in a gentlemanly manner.

    Fans, have you read this?

  2. I won’t be losing any sleep that he is gone, hopefully Wenger spends the 25 mill then I’ll be happy with the sale.

  3. Ade is just another sad example of the modern day pay cheque player, as soon as the big clubs showed interest with a possible move to bring in large wages he stopped running for the ball and strolled around moaning all season. What does it take players to actually bust a gut these days £100K a week ??

    Hope we do replace him with a Top Quality Striker
    Id love to see Andrew Johnson at Arsenal, he scored plenty when leaving Palace and with his speed and finishing would do well.

    Hope Eduardo and Vela play well this year and The Russian AA !!!!

  4. I always liked Adebayor.I’m a great fan of his.He is a great player with great skill.Its very sad to hear his transfer news to man city.Anyway i wish him all the best for his new club..He will be greatly missed by all gunners fan.. Good luck…

  5. Obafemi Martin is my choice.Hope to see him In arsenal jersey.He has the quality.He can score goals
    and produce excellent finishing move with style.

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