Will Silvestre Prevent Chamakh Joining?

Several website are reporting that Arsenal’s pursuit of Marouane Chamakh to replace Adebayor has run into trouble.  The stumbling block and this does not make sense is that Bordeaux want Silvestre as part of the deal.

 What is strange is that it was widely reported that the Moroccan striker had a £7million buyout clause.  That therefore is an open and shut case, you offer £7million and the player is yours.  End of story. 

 If Bordeaux want Silvestre as part of the deal, then where is the problem?  Arsenal currently have Gallas, Toure, Djourou, Senderos, Vermaelen and Song, all of whom can play as centre-backs.  Eboue provides cover at right-back, whilst Gibbs has proved to be a capable deputy for Clichy.   In his first season at Arsenal Silvestre did not cover himself in glory.  In fact we conceded more goals with Silvestre in the team, than when he was absent.  He was the weak link in our team.

I cannot see why Wenger will change his mind on landing Chamakh for the sake of keeping Silvestre. 

The Daily Mail website is claiming that we will look at Huntelaar, valued at £17million if the Chamakh deal falls through.  Huntelaar may be a better striker, or at least have a better reputation than Chamakh, but is Wenger really going to spend £10million more on a player just to keep a poor squad player like Silvestre?

I suspect the Huntelaar thing is something generated by the press to create a bit of intrigue in an otherwise quiet Arsenal market.  Wenger has gone on record to state that he will move for Chamakh if Adebayor leaves, so I expect the Moroccan to be an Arsenal player next week.

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  1. Wenger shd give dem our POOR defender (silvestre) and get us chamakh. We have p’ple dat can replace him (silvestre)

  2. they want £7m plus silvestre for an unproven striker…..
    dont think silvestre is holding up the deal as that sounds terrible in arsenal’s pov….

  3. Ibrahim sabo 4rm nigeria

    4 me der is no difrent b/w ade. & chamk. d were in d same catigury, lets go 4 top class striker such as fabiano,uche,huntelar,or oliveara. etc.

    • voodoo priest

      ibrahim i hope you’ve got some spare cash to spare us other expect chamahk the morrocan assasin here soon.

  4. let silvestre go… we dont want anything for him

  5. Why are we looking at Chamack???? What happened to Gignac??? Is he not better and at 3 to 4 million more we can get him…Please Wenger don’t spalsh on Huntelaar, and don’t gamble on Chamakh..Get Andre-Pierre Gignac of FC Toulouse…He is much better. Unless we want to scare other teams into thinking we signed C. Ronaldo.

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