£25m Adebayor Undergoes Medical

Adebayor has undergone a medical at Manchester City, Arsenal have agreed a £25million transfer fee and the striker is expected to sign a contract giving him £170,000 a week.

The great news for Arsenal is that we have achieved a transfer fee for Adebayor of £25million, far in excess of what we could have hoped especially after his indifferent season.  Once again Arsene Wenger has bought somebody from the French league and turned a huge profit.  The money men at Arsenal must be doing cartwheels over the sale of Adebayor, not only has Wenger made a massive profit with which he will strengthen the squad, Adebayor was on £4 million wages a year.

Now Wenger will turn his attention offloading Phillipe Senderos for a fee in the region of £7million to Sunderland.  This will give him in excess of £30 million to play with in this inflated transfer market.

There will be no tears shed around North London with the departure of our Togolese hit man.  His attitude last season was a total disgrace.  He may have put in what he considers “100%”  performances, but the fans did not see it that way.  In the big games he did not perform, he was missing against Manchester United and Chelsea in the two semi-finals.  He scored an amazing goal against Villarreal, but he cannot live off the back of one goal.  We saw in Bendtner the right attitude and work ethic that fans appreciate.  The goals will follow for the Dane and that was one of the deciding factors is convincing Wenger to let Adebayor leave.

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  1. hmmm agreed about Adebayor…your comments re: bendtner are very questionable and i dont think many would disagree that getting rid of bentner would a bad thing

  2. Please please please Wenger buy Huntelaar for 17mill and Cana for around 6mill. Huntelaar and RVP upfront would be awesome!

    • Couldn’t agree more, Huntelaar will add some class up front and Cana will stop us from getting bullied by teams like Chelsea who rely on power against our small midfield. We could also do with Naldo who is 6’5 but i can’t see Wenger buying another defender if we get these two. The height would help us a lot in defending set pieces though. Although Melo is classier than Cana, we do just need a big powerhouse like we had in Vieira in the good old days. I can’t see us getting Cana for £6 million either

  3. This article is what’s a disgrace. He’s not going anywhere, you’re fucking retarded. Go support Man U or Chelsea because clearly you’re not an Arsenal supporter, nor do you know what the fuck is going on in North London.

  4. Bye Bye loser, now buy Can and Huntelaar wenger!

  5. unless you can provide good evidence from your source (not ‘a club insider’ lol) then i can only presume that you’re just speculating this based on the fact that city are interested in adebayor and it seems likely a deal will be done.

    please give evidence or don’t waste everyone’s time with empty speculation. since yesterday reports are suggesting he would be earning more like 130k per week anyway. so if you hoped to be the one to break the news you aren’t even up to date with the supposed situation anyway

  6. Seriously you need to see your shrink ! what is to prove that he really wants to leave ?

    do you people really know whats going on in Arsenal FC ?

  7. ade go bt a perfect replacement in needed- preferably the hunter. still the team needs a super defensive midfielder.

  8. Thomas Rooney

    I agree that Adebayor won’t be missed. I can imagine him coming back to haunt Arsenal at some stage next season though. It all depends on who Wenger gets in his place.

    Could you drop me an email when you get the chance by the way?

    There is something I would like to run by you.

    Thanks a lot,


  9. sensible gunner

    totally right…..ade will not be missed and i think arsenal are blindly robbing man city..even though 25mil is now pocket change for them..i would like to see something like 17 mil plus michah richards instead though

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