Rosicky Is Back – But When?

The one player that we missed for a season and a half has been Tomas Rosicky.  It was a nothing injury that turned into a nightmare for the club and the player.

Rosicky was creative, direct, and scored goals.  He offered us an avenue of attack from both wings.  It has been a long and tireless path back to fitness, but hopefully he will be back in contention soon.

The Czech playmaker gave a interview recently which whilst reassuring but also confusing and not as positive as I had hoped.

“I will be back in the autumn,” Rosicky said. “According to my fitness coach Tony Colbert I could have been playing at the end of the [last] season as he thought my fitness was okay.

 “It was obvious from the training that I was ready to play, if not for 90 minutes. But the club decided not to play me. They saw that I was OK, but maybe they just did not want to take the gamble.

 “Until I play in a league match I will not be able to tell what my chances are, but when it comes to fitness alone I am in better shape than when I came to Arsenal.

 “Now that I have recovered, I am a new option for the manager.”

 In his first sentence, he says he will be back in the autumn, I hope he realises the season starts in the summer and not September and this was just a slip.

With the return of Rosicky and Eduardo, we genuinely have two new signings for this season, players that have the ability to make a difference, all that remains is to see if both are really over their injuries.

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  1. in my opinion rosicky is old now and many players can take his place in arsenal squad

    • Arsenal1Again

      kristopher73 you’re aving a laugh. A fully fit Rosicky will be our best Midfieder barring Arshavin. Who are all the players who can take his place in the squad? Seriously, I’d love to know – or have you forgotten how good he is? He’s not called The Maestro and Mozart for nothing and guess what ….. THE AGE OF 28 IS WHEN A PLAYER REACHES HIS PEAK. IT IS WHEN A PLAYER IS AT HIS BEST (Old my arse).

  2. Gooner Grantski

    Not sure about Rosicky but Eduardo wont have lost any of his quality, you see how potent he still is when he scored them goals on his short lived comeback… prem leagues top scorer next season im sure of it. Btw October is when Rosicky will be back.

  3. kris i dnt agree wiv u cos we need experience in d squad welcome ros uve been missed dearly

  4. Rosicky is the man! My favorite player.. For some reason I believe him and Arshavin are gonna be dynamite together.

  5. yeah I’d have to agree with arsenal1again… Rosicky is far better at creating chances than denilson, or diaby for the matter. Push Nasri centrally and let the Czech work his magic out on the wing.

  6. Well said arsenal1again..Rosicky is not exactly a player easily replaced.. The truth is if he and eduardo made it through uninjured in season 07 / 08 we would have won the league title and possibly even more..

    Those were 2 key injured players and arsenal hasnt been the same ever since

  7. hello
    how is rosicky doing over there.but to see rosicky to for arsenal.i love rosicky.

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