Chamakh Will Only Join Arsenal

If there was ever a put down, then Bordeaux President Jean-Louis Triaud takes the top prize. 

On hearing that Sunderland were interested in Marouane Chamakh, he merely stated, “I don’t want to insult Sunderland, but I don’t even know where they finished last season.

“You have heard him say he will only sign for a big English club.”

In one statement he deflated the over inflated ego that is Sunderland FC, its chairman and the most “loyal” manager in football Steve Bruce.

 He added that there is only club the Chamakh will leave Bordeaux for and that is Arsenal. 

Bordeaux’s manager Laurent Blanc wants the matter sorted prior to La Ligue champions visit to Canada on 22 July.  This is not a problem as I imagine terms “have been agreed” with the agent, so all that remains is for Adebayor to leave.

 As mentioned earlier, the arrival of Chamakh hinges on the departure of Adebayor.  Despite his protestations that he wants to stay, he has obviously learnt from last season that Arsenal fans will not be so forgiving a second summer, Adebayor left Arsenal last summer.  The last season was merely playing out time.  AC Milan will return with an offer for the big striker and Wenger will accept any offer in the region £20million plus. 

 Some articles have AC Milan offering Flamini plus £20 million for Adebayor.  I doubt Wenger will accept this, not because he does not like Flamini, but the manner in which Flamini left us last summer has left a sour taste.  He had given Wenger the impression that he was staying right up to May, then Wenger realised that Flamini had lied to him.

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  1. well i think ade deserves a second chance we all make mistakes n i see no reason y we just have to treat him like he has neva contributed anything to arsenal fans pls we have to be diplomatic in making decisions

  2. One cannot compare Chamakh with Adebayor. They are simply not in the same class! If Adebayor moves to AC Milan for about 20 million pounds…….we should replace him with another target man like Luis Fabiano of Sevilla or someone similar. We dont have a big striker at our club and they are scarce and valuable.

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