Wenger Will Focus on Centre Backs This Summer

Arsene will be focusing on rebuilding his central defence this summer.  This rebuilding has started with the acquisition of Thomas Vermaelen, but it will not and cannot end here.

 Of the central defenders on our books from last season, four of them have contract that expire next summer. William Gallas, Kolo Toure, Mikael Silvestre and Philippe Senderos all have contracts with one year left and none have been offered a new contract.

 It is no secret that Wenger does not see Senderos staying at the Emirates beyond the current transfer window and he will be moved on, sooner rather than later.  There has been some interest shown in the player from Italy and Germany, whilst Aston Villa are ready to make a move for the Swiss international.

 Mikael Silvestre has been a disaster from his first game at Arsenal, no Arsenal fans will shed a tear for the former Manchester United player, and the way he played last season, I am sure he was still on Fergie’s payroll. The sooner he goes to France the better.

 This leaves us with William Gallas and Kolo Toure.  Both players have been good servants for Arsenal, but at the same time we know they do not like each other and things came to a head with Toure asking for a move in January.  Something persuaded Kolo to stay.  It was one of two things, either Wenger promised Kolo that Gallas will be sold in the summer or he told Kolo that he can leave for Manchester City this summer.

 Neither situation is satisfactory for Arsenal.  If Gallas leaves, why has Toure not been offered a new contract yet?  Toure can wait till next season and leave on a free transfer.  If Toure was told he can leave this summer, this means Gallas stays, which is a good thing, but it appears that he has no intention of staying beyond the forthcoming season.

 Whatever happens, the centre of our defence will be Wenger’s top priority this summer, Vermaelen is not, and cannot be the only centre-back to arrive at the club this summer otherwise we will have a massive rebuilding programme next summer.

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  1. our defence is f*cked but all we need to is get rid of senderos and silvestre this summer keep djourou song vermealen as our sub CB’S offload gallas next season by then in my opinion vermealen will be good enough to be our starting CB if not we can buy a new 1 and as for toure i think he will stay at arsenal for quite a long time.


  2. You have covered every point in detail,very well.Personally I would like Gallas to stay for his final year rather than let him go for the reported 5million.He was arguably our best player in the latter part of the season,until injury struck.

  3. Interesting……. I feel Arsenal must keep Toure, I don’t care about Gallas to be honest (he is 32 and might end up being a casualty)
    I think Vermaelen and Toure might do well together. Also, if Eboue leaves, Toure can be used as back up for Sagna at the right back position. Having said that the African cup of Nations might pose a huge headache for Wenger.

  4. Until we hear more about the contract situations (renewal or otherwise) of the 2 defenders, I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

  5. Firstly I think that Vermaelen is a good signing, but we need a Lescott or Jagielka, we are missing Gilberto so I say get Melo in at all costs! Gallas & Toure don’t need to be friends,offer them both new contracts! We need to keep the squad together if we want to win trophies! After the coming season we can sell either Gallas or Toure! For me Melo is priority,I went to watch da Confed Cup here in South Africa and for me Melo was outstanding,tough tackler,good dribbler and very good in the air! I will put my head on the block and say that Melo is the missing piece in the puzzle!

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