Arsenal in Talks to Land Melo

The confusion over the potential transfer of Felipe Melo has been somewhat clarified by Fiorentina with an official statement.  The Italian club has stated that Melo has not signed for Juventus.

The club has made it clear that there is only club that has made an offer for Melo, who recently signed a new contract that included a release clause of £21million.  That club is Arsenal.  Fiorentina have not stated what the offer was, but they have asked for Emmanuel Eboue to be included in any potential deal, thus reducing the transfer fee.

Fiorentina sporting director Pantaleo Corvino made a statement saying:

“In case the footballer has already reached an agreement with any club, the release clause fixed with the player himself is €25million. We would not contemplate any exchange, unless it is to the liking of Fiorentina.

 “Arsenal is the only club to have come close to the sum established by the release clause.

 “Fiorentina in turn proposed to the aforementioned club a reduction in the amount set by the release clause by including right-back Eboue in the deal.”

Meanwhile, Melo’s agent has said that he has not been in any discussions with any club over terms for his player and will not do so until Fiorentina agree a fee with another club.  This is normal agent talk which means we have agreed personal terms with a potential new club but will deny it at this moment in time.

Fiorentina’s statement is very revealing, Arsenal, as has been long rumoured have been in talks with Fiorentina over Melo.  Furthermore, Arsenal have offered a fee that has Fiorentina interested, probably £15million.  Fiorentina are willing to do business, but they want Eboue as part of any deal. 

I suspect that the deal will be concluded early next week.  This will certainly strengthen Arsenal’s midfield and lay to rest the myth that Wenger is not willing to spend big money on players.

If Wenger is prepared to let Eboue go, he will need to ensure that we have someone in reserve who can play as a right-back, and that player could be another Brazilian, Werder Bremen’s Naldo who though is primarily a centre-back, can play at right-back.

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  1. Melo the door is open for you to come to arsenal F,C, your name will sound louder than where you are coming from.

  2. Abeg, pls, biko, ejo, let this deal b done asap

  3. Melo will join,with Eboue part of the deal,Toure & Djourou can cover at Right back! No further departures will make us a force to be reckoned with!

  4. arsenal wont sign melo. we wont sign anyone.dont forget we r arsenal we never do. all this is just rubbish getting us excited for nothing

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