Chamakh Will Sign Only if Adebayor Leaves

Adebayor holds the key as to whether we see two or more players move to Arsenal this summer.  Unlike last season when Wenger was determined that Adebayor will not leave, this season he is “easy” with the situation.  In fact I have never known Wenger “tout” a player as he has done with Adebayor this season.

Earlier this summer, Wenger said he would have qualms about selling Adebayor to Chelsea.  The other day in an interview Wenger said, “If he [Adebayor] does not want to stay, he will leave. But I think that he will be still at Arsenal this season.”

Last week AC Milan said they had a “friendly” conversation with Arsene Wenger about Adebayor.

The signs are there for all to read and if Adebayor was astute he would realise that Wenger is happy to sell him and if he does not go this summer, he no longer guaranteed a starting place and will have to compete with van Persie, Bendtner and Eduardo next season.

So much is Wenger prepared or ready to let Adebayor that in the same radio interview, when asked if he is interested in Maraoune Chamakh, Wenger said, “Yes but only in the event of a departure.”

Adebayor will generate a transfer fee in the region of £20 million – £25 million, whilst it is widely reported that the Moroccan striker is available for around £8 million.

I expect some movement on the Adebayor front before we leave for Austria in a couple of weeks time.

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  1. i hope he goes. he was so useless this season and he is very arrogant. he thinks he is the big star. £30m milan would be ripped off. yet i dont want chamakh to sign for us, instead huntelaar as it seems imminent the door will be wide open with benzema joining madrid. strong, powerful, quick and a good head on his shoulders… id say the perfect replacement for adebayor and there would still be some more money left over in the bank to sign another defender or centre midfield.

  2. why not go for daniel guza he his a good option for the striking role and i think he will be on the cheap price also and we have seen what he can do.but we don’t really need an addition to our books and if needed maybe an experienced player probably siena or one of the hold dm from millain they will be on the cheap side and also help our young star to grow faster

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