Wenger Will Not Buy A Midfielder This Summer

Will Arsene really sign a defensive midfielder this summer?  The likelihood is no, unless that player is 29 years old, why?  Arsene has stated he has embarked upon a project at Arsenal and that project is to play attractive football with young players.

What signal will go out to his current players and those below if Arsene signs a 25 year old.  The message will be you guys are not good enough, some fans may agree with this but Arsene does not.

The whole emphasis over the last three seasons is to clear the squad of players who 25 years and over and thus open the path of development for the likes of Denilson, Diaby, Song and Ramsey.  Arsene believes that these four have it in them to partner Cesc in central midfield.

We saw last season glimpses of what these players could do, unfortunately, it was not consistent and when Cesc was missing none of the quartet was capable of filling his shoes.

This season Arsene will give them all one last attempt at maturing into proven midfielders.  We saw that Song can be a giant in central midfield, whilst Diaby when he has the bit between his teeth is unstoppable.

Arsene knows that one if he recruited a player in his mid 20s, players like Coquelin and Merida will start to question their future at Arsenal; they will suddenly see the opportunity of first team football slowly evaporate.

We have plenty of good talented midfielders at the club, what they lacked last season was consistency and leadership qualities.  That is why Wenger may look to a 29 year old or 30 year old to bring that leadership and calmness to an otherwise very talented midfield

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  1. Arsenal were unbeaten when fab was injured

  2. great blogg mate i think that your spot on, merida, coquelin and even frimpong will definetley make its just a matter of time the only other thing is that i dont think we will go for a DM or a CM i think we will go for a striker as van persie aint consistant enough eduardo not ready yet cos his injury and im not too sure if ade will be here with us next season but vela will have 2 play to his fullest next season so overall great blogg

  3. ofcuorse but most of them luck confidence while meeting strong team like mun.united which the direct result of luck of exprieces.

  4. shouldnt have sold gilberto !!

  5. Have to agree, i dn’t feel Arsene will invest in a CM or DM unless he feels he wants to buy one for a back-up in case of injuries like last year. I feel Song has come a long way, Diaby is not having a holiday and is working on himself instead so he must feel the pressure is on now and must perform next season, so there is plenty of competition already for that spot.

    The only thing that worries me is if they do not perform this season, because that position can be our undoing if it is not right……..Wenger is in a harsh situation, if he does uy he is showing he aint got faith in his other players. But if he doesn’t and that position doesn’t improve this season he will be in hot water with the fans saying “for 2 seasons now we have been crying out for a decent DM and you have not delivered”

    Watch this space, Arsenals season could be a fantastic one or a huge flop. I have a big feeling though we may surprise a few critics out there.

  6. Shouldn’t have sold Vieira for peanuts.

    Sort it out Wenger!

    Song, Denílson and Diaby are awful anyway!

    • yep i agree denilson diaby gallas dejarou aboue adebayor silvestre and fabianski all lost us the title runs gallas does cover the far post though from our corner kicks and scores no one but no one picks the spot as good as he does but not the best defender adebayor has missed more sitters than any striker in the history of arsenal the team worked hard to supply him every time and we could have battered many teams including utd if this so called striker got it right and scored the simplist of goals just look at the statistics in any game and you will see. please wenger get the scouts of their buns and out there on british playings fields they seem to be sitting down too much because their wallets are too heavy. just look at the good ol days how many class players were found on british soil i lost count so why not now it worked then, liverpool, utd and forest won the champions league with british players those good ol days so come on whos doing their job and who is not we do not need burnt out superstars who are over rated and over here. let the young lions roar to victory

  7. Wenger has already said that he’s views songs future as a centre back, and diaby as an attacking midfielder so we still need a long term defensive midfielder. Denilson is not good enough for any of the other top teams so he shouldn’t be in ours. poker rakeback

  8. CANA to arsenal…check his video on youtube…he is a beast…a brutal beast…!! we need that steel in the middle..he tackles like wild….!!

  9. We have a natural DM in Kolo Toure, all he needs is to lose some pounds .His ball skills,dribbling,tackling and passing abilities is clear for all to see.Trust me ,any back four will feel confident knowing kolo is playing ahead of them.

  10. I agree with the post, I don’t think Wenger will buy a DM before the season starts, and I’ll turn out to be our downfall. Wenger as we all know is probably the most stubborn manager in World football, if he thinks he’s right on something he’ll back it. But I like many gooners am getting frustarted with that word. “Potential”. Alex Song is the only midfielder who showed Potential last year. Denilson is so average, and Diaby actually could not complete a pass in the second half of last season. This is a massive season for us, we have to compete for the title and win a trophy, or we can kiss goodbye to Cesc, Robin etc We don’t have problems scoring goals, and our defence on paper has the pace and power to deal with most teams, We just don’t protect them well enough. If we dont’ sign a world class DM, or Song doesn’t have an outstanding season we WILL finish 4th again. You just have to look at Manure and Liverpool, Carrick & Hargreaves and Alonso & Mascerano. Compare that to Denilson and Diaby. Enough Said.

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