Third Kit Swindle Launched

Arsenal launched a third kit.  They was the usual fanfare and hype as to the finesse of the quality, the “English” pinstripes, the woven labels etc.  The question that people need to ask is why do we need a third kit and what happened to last year’s away kit, a one season wonder?

Arsenal’s home kit is red (stating the obvious), whilst our new away kit is blue.  So unless we play against say Barcelona who play in red and blue shirts, when else will we use our third kit? 

We used to laugh at Manchester United who would always bring out new kits every season, even having four kits in some years, but we are going down that route too.  Ur white kit of 2007/8 disappeared after one year, last years 1989 retro kit died after one year.  Has the club given an undertaking that both the blue kit and the white kit will be used for this season and next season?

Fans are being taken for a ride with new kit after new for last four seasons; these kits are used for one year and some of them very rarely,

Arsenal should state that the third kit will be used for the FA Cup and Carling Cup instead of the second kit, at least then fans will be able to see what the kit they have forked out £40 looks like on the players.

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  1. Aston Villa away could be confusing as could Burnley. And, I know you’ve mentioned it, but WHAT IF we did play Barca?? What would we actually do then??

    We keep complaining that Arsenal dont spend enough money because of the new stadium, well third kits will increase revenue for the team. Wrong or just good business?

    Besides that I just so happen to like 😀

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