Is Our Pursuit for Melo Over?

So the news from Italy is that Felipe Melo has a signed a new contract at Fiorentina.  What does this mean?  There has been so much traffic over a proposed transfer to Arsenal that it cannot all be dismissed as ideal cyber-space talk.  Something must have been going on in the background and something might still be happening.

We are mere mortal and all we can do is merely speculate, but players have signed new contracts with teams as a way of giving their current clubs a larger transfer fee.  Admittedly this is not normally done in the same transfer window, but I do not rule out the possibility of this happening.  By signing a new contract Fiorentina can demand say £20 million, as opposed to his buyout clause of £14 million.

This is a story that has some more distance to run; either that or I am an eternal optimist.

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  1. I agree, we may still Melo just cost a bit more cash

  2. If he ever moves, expect a move within Italy, he is a disciple of Dunga, and Dunga prefers his players in Italy or Spain.

    Arsenal never had the cash to buy him, €20m was the value the Violla had on him, and if they had to squeeze blood from a stone for Arshavin, how could they just spend that money for Melo? It was unrealistic.

  3. s better to get felipe melo and sell senderos cos senderos rating is 88 felipe melos rating is 90

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