Benzema, Ribery and Melo – All Arsenal Bound!

Could this week be the most exciting week in Arsenal’s transfer history?

With the Confederation’s Cup over and Brazil crowned champions, it is time to see if Arsenal’s pursuit of Felippe Melo is indeed a true pursuit or merely more newspaper talk.  Arsenal are reported to have offered Phillipe Senderos as part of the deal, but Wenger will not accept Fiorentina’s valuation of £21 million for the Brazilian international. 

With pre-season training due to start next, Arsene will be looking at securing the signature of the Brazil central midfield enforcer sooner rather than later.

Of the transfer stories this is the more realistic.

Now we enter the field of Sunday newspaper fantasy.

The Sunday Times says Wenger is ready to bid Karim Benzema in the knowledge that the 21-year-old France striker would rather join Arsenal this summer than Manchester United. Arsenal have also been made aware of Benzema’s desire to work with Wenger.

The fee is expected to be in the region of £25 million. This is only possible if we sell Adebayor to AC Milan. This is now gathering pace as AC Milan have said their initial discussion with Arsene Wenger was “friendly”.  Quite clearly Wenger sees the departure of Adebayor the key to financing any bid for Karim Benzema.

Could Arsenal really bid for Benzema and trump Alex Ferguson to his number one summer target.  Benzema will bring us the speed and guile of Henry; it would be truly an amazing capture.

But is doesn’t end here, oh no, it is Sunday madness after all, so after Benzema we have Arsenal launching a £40 million bid for Franck Ribery.

The Daily Star Sunday says Gunners boss Arsene Wenger believes he is now close to pulling off one of the transfer coups of the summer and winning the race to sign the Bayern Munich winger.

According to the newspaper, which is probably the most un respected paper of them all, Wenger will offer of £30m – plus £10m-rated Danish hitman Nicklas Bendtner, this is supposed to be acceptable to Bayern coach Louis van Gaal.

A source close to Arsenal’s top brass confirmed: “Ribery was on the agenda at a recent board meeting – and it could even be a done deal by now. We’re very optimistic.”

So if we believe the week-end tittle tattle we will see Melo, Benzema and Ribery all arrive at Arsenal over the next week or so.

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  1. is it first of april already ?

  2. Come oon,
    I’ve heard fibs and exagerations but this is taking the biscuits. Yes, Benzema’s case can be made coz he is good and young but Ribery is ridiculous. First, Wenger buying Ribery who is a carbon copy of Ashavin is unlikely as a dog to suddenly grow
    horns. If Ade was sold however I’d be the first to advise him buying a Benz.

    Shouls Melo not work then Gorkan Inler is another useful and if Wenger was’nt too proud he could get AC Milan to take Ade and get Hleb on the cheap. He would be happy to play second fiddle to Ashavin and glad to play 25minutes every now and then.

  3. The chances are greater that I am lining up for Arsenal next year than Ribery.

  4. Benzema, Ribery and Melo and Jumbo the flying pink elephant.

  5. I think benzema and ribery are not coming to arsenal. But melo may come and that’ll be good. Ade should be sold as quickly as possible. Eboue or diaby also of no use.

  6. Melo and Benzema may come to Arsenal, but i don’t think that Ribery will come too.

  7. whatever equation based on Bedntner’s departure can’t be founded on reason – we need those pair of legs to firmly cement our fifth place in the table next season, lose Fabergas and turn the emirates into a sand box.

  8. what a load of shite.

    not your article, the newspapers.


  9. the Ade out Benzema issue look a reality but Wenger should first focus on Melo

  10. Come on guys, let us dream a ittle

  11. Come on guys, let us dream a Little

  12. It will be very blessing if the said news will be implemented as it has been publihed by the media. we realy need a hard and stong central midfilder like melo. also in case of central foward ithink karim benz will be the most apropriate solution for the ball the need some one to shake the net.

  13. I want Ribery to come sooo bad we need someone that takes risks and shoots from far but I dont think he will come he was meant to come in 2006 but went to Bayern.

    Benzema should come but I think Man U will end up getting him.

    We will get Melo in the end.

  14. Peacefulwarrior

    Melo just signed an extension with fiorentina..
    I wonder if would buy any more players 😐

  15. i think benzema would be good
    melo and ribery are big no’s.

    oh well, i wouldn’t mind seeing the likes of a xabi alonso, yaya toure, mascherano, david silva

    thats for midfield to partner cesc

    for a young striker… benzema, aguero, bojan or altidore would do fine. anyone who watches international or has been following altidore… seems to be shaping up well. hes only 19 too


  17. if we got Xabi Alonso arsenal would have that kinda feel of Gilberto of Vieira again because that is his style of play.

    I think we should try to purchase Rossi from Italy he is a dynamic player we need a more attacking version of “Pires” in our squad.

  18. why Arsene wenger keeps fustratings Arsenal fans? if he cares to but players let him go ahead and stop asking for price all seasons

  19. Are those all dreams are that of professors ? MELO,NALDO,BENZEMA,RI….BERRRR..Y. I don’t think all dreams come to reality !

  20. we need toget the three player so arsenal can go as far as wining perimer leauge title&champion leauge title,on the other hand wenger need to sell diaby &ade for the betterment of the club.I need all surport of arsenal fan so theteam cango far.

  21. i dont think arsene will buy either of the three player not in my dreams

  22. arsenal club is the best in the world

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