Manchester City to Launch Bid for Toure

Reports in the UK media are saying that mega bucks Manchester City are preparing a £15 million bid for Toure.

Toure was subject of a bid from Manchester City in January; in fact the Ivory Coast defender handed in a written transfer request, but was persuaded by Wenger to withdraw it. Without doubt the player’s agent has agreed terms with Manchester City so all that remains is for Arsenal to accept the offer and Toure will leave.

Should Arsenal accept this bid?

Arsene has gone on record to say that he does not wish to sell any of his starts this summer.  Furthermore, selling to Manchester City will strengthen one of the teams that will challenge us for a top four finish next season.  Despite purchasing Thomas Vermaelen, we cannot afford to sell one of our centre backs.  Apart from Toure and Vermaelen, we have Gallas, Silvestre, Djourou and Senderos.  Senderos is expected to be sold, whilst Silvestre has not been a great success.  Gallas is in his last year of his contract, so selling Toure will leave us a bit short at the back.

Wenger could however, be contemplating selling Toure, and so far he has been vague about keeping specific players and Arsenal have not made any attempt at offering the centre back a new contract, his existing deal expires next summer.  Wenger could have reached an understanding with Toure similar to the ones that he did with Ashley Cole, Thierry Henry and Alex Hleb, whereby he gave them an undertaking that they could leave the next season. 

Arsene may have lined up Brede Hangeland as a replacement for Toure.  It was reported earlier this summer that Arsenal had made a £15 million bid for the Norway international, if this is the case, losing Toure for £15 million would not be too much of a disaster.   

Arsenal need to ensure that Hangeland is in the bag before accepting the offer for Toure.  If the two deals come–off, we could see a new partnership at the heart of the Arsenal defence with Vermaelen partnering Hangeland.

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  1. i would take Richards & Onuhua or Michael Johnson for Toure and Eboue 2 English for 2 Africans what with ACN coming up and the 6 & 5 still hanging around this could be deemed good business. Sell Adebayor and buy Tevez and still go for a strong holding midfielder Melo or Inler. Also move on Senderos and Silvestre and go for Zapata. Finally Fabregas, £50m or loads of Dutch players from Madrid could well be tempting consider any or Most of these Sneider, Drenthe, Huntelaar, Robben, as well as those non dutch, Heinze & Mahmood Diarra

    • northbanklegend

      Perhaps Wenger will doa Toure for Richards plus cash swap.

      Not even Hughes is mad enough to swap Johnson for Eboue

  2. 15 mill, YES PLEASE, Toure has been good but lost his form after the ACN 2 years ago. Hes been a loyal servant to us but 15mill is alot, so we should accept.

  3. A really good price for a player passed his prime. Sell him, please.

  4. he’s only 27 or so. he seems past his prime but could rediscover his fantastic form from a couple of years ago and he has been a fantastic servant and a great character to have at the club. if we were offered 15 mil for gallas instead i’d accept it because i would like toure to remain at the heart of this club which he loves. that said unless we sell both we need to get one of them at least on a new contract because we can’t afford to have them both leave on a free next summer. it could be a terrible waste of money!

    so yeah, i think we should offer toure a new contract and whore gallas off for as much as possible. that or keep them both!

    • northbanklegend

      £15m for Gallas, you’re havign a laugh.
      Toure and Gallas have issues and will not be atthe club together, one will leave this summer.

  5. Toure is still a beast and is not past his prime at all, for a defender at 28 he is in his prime and 15 million is not enough especially selling to a potential top four rival, 18 million for our Toure and last invincible. The only reason I would sell Toure is that he requested a transition in his career and it happens, mature players sometimes need a fresh perspective.

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