Cesc Talks About His Frustrations

In an interview with The Sun, Cesc made some statements which of course are interpreted as him wishing to leave.  He is not the only person who is frustrated at the lack of silverware; there are several million Arsenal fans who want silverware.

“The absence of titles at Arsenal is what angers me the most. Cristiano Ronaldo said he’s leaving Manchester United because he had nothing else to win. For me right now it is the exact opposite, seeing the impotence,” the playmaker and club captain said.


“This year we wanted [the title], we were giving everything – but we couldn’t reach the level that everyone expected of Arsenal. When you win, you’re well. But when you don’t, everyone is in a bad mood. For four years now, we’ve needed a title to regain our belief in ourselves,” he added.

Last season was frustrating for all of us as it was disrupted by injuries to key players at the same time, Fabregas, Walcott, Rosicky, Adebayor and Eduardo.  I challenge any team to cope with so many players out injured.

What was overlooked was Fabregas statement that he would not try and engineer a move away from Arsenal; he will front Wenger and ask for a move.

“If one day I’m not happy, I am the first who will tell the manager. I admire Arsene Wenger but each of us has his own life and looks after his own interests.”


This underlines the fact that despite being annoyed at things, he can see things happening at Arsenal, he can see that last season was a freak season in terms of injuries and we are heading in the right direction.

“Of course my family would understand if I signed for Real Madrid because they love me, they want me to be happy and what is best for me. They’d support me – whichever club I joined. My family will always be there for me – whatever decision I make. They’re the ones who are always by my side.”

“At the moment it’s not happened so I don’t have to choose. For any player it gives great pride that those two clubs come to sign him. It would be a difficult choice,” he added.

In line with most Spanish players or South Americans the lure of Real Madrid or

Barcelona is too much to resist.  It is the dream of all these boys to play for one of the big two.  It is no surprise to have Cesc make references to these tow clubs at virtually every interview.  We all know deep down that we will lose Cesc to either Real or Barcelona within the next 2-3 years; this should not come as a major shock.  Look at Maschareno and Alonso, the attraction of these two teams is too much for these seasoned players to resists so how do we expect Cesc to say no.  

The ultimate decision as to whether Cesc leaves is down to Arsene Wenger.  Other than Anelka, no player has left Arsenal other than on terms that suited Arsene Wenger.  As Wenger has made it clear that none of his “stars” will be leaving this summer, I would be shocked to see Wenger accept any offer from Real Madrid for Cesc.

This is a classic non-story story.

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  1. the interview was with marca u can see it on their website the quotes were picked up by the telegraph and then the sun

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