Melo to Sign After Confederations Cup

Following last week’s declaration by respected French journalist  Philippe Auclair that Arsenal are close to signing Morocco striker Maraoune Chamahk, another well respected journalist Gabriele Marcotti has made revelations about a potential Arsenal signing.

Talking on talkSPORT, Marcotti indicated that Fiorentina’s Felipe Melo will sign for Arsenal once the Confederations Cup is over.  Arsenal have been linked with the tough, no nonsense, rugged midfielder for some time. 

Fiorentina are looking at accepting Phillip Senderos as a makeweight in the deal following the Swiss international’s successful year long loan spell in Serie A. Marcotti went on to state that Fiorentina have accepted an offer from Arsenal.

Marcotti is a well respected and well connected journalist, he is a man to trust and this is not just a journalist who is trying to sell newspapers.  If someone like Marcotti makes a statement like this then there is will be some truth behind this.   

Wenger stated on Setanta that wants his remaining two targets in place before pre-season training starts. Signing Melo will be just what the manager wants and just what the team needs to strengthen our midfield.  If Melo signs then that is one giant step towards creating a squad that will challenge for next season.

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  1. what song is he going to sing? i’m very curious.

  2. Marcotti indicated that Fiorentina’s Felipe Melo will sing for Arsenal…

    Did he say what song?

  3. What will he Sing? lol

  4. see what happens when you make fun, they go and re-edit it lol

    • northbanklegend

      I have to rely upon eagle eyed people!!

      Thanks for the comments, I could have deleted your comment that would have been draconian

  5. I think he meant what song is gonna be sung about him when we get him,


    They call him felipe melo, Hello….

  6. wenger should sign melo it will be wonderfull

  7. I hope melo will really come to Arsenal.

  8. Melo is a good player. USA 2 Spain 0 great result Bobby Gee

  9. I’ve been impressed by Melo, just as impressed with him as i have been Gilberto!

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