Wenger Wants Two More Players

Arsene Wenger has made his first real statement on the forthcoming season and possible transfer targets.  It was all good news for Arsenal fans.

Arsene stated that he has identified one or two players to come in, in addition to Thomas Vermaelen.  Arsene would like these players to come in before pre-season training starts on 6 July.  Though Wenger did state the obvious that identifying players was one thing and bringing them in was another, though if you are prepared to pay the transfer fee and the wages, then this is not an issue.

Arsene also ruled out an exodus of players.  He stated that it took the club some time to over come the lose of Hleb and Flamini last summer and he does not wish to go through this scenario again. It is for this reason that Arsene has spent some time this summer securing Walcott and van Persie’s signatures on new extended contracts.

Our squad has been strengthened from the one that started the season last August.  In addition to Vermaelen, Arshavin was added mid-way through the season, whilst Kieran Gibbs has come along way in his development.  In addition to these players Arsene will have Tomas Rosicky and Eduardo ready for selection this season, something denied to him for the last 18 months.

Wenger will add his one or two players, and no doubt a couple of players will leave, one being Senderos, whilst the money is on Eboue and Adebayor leaving, Wenger will only sell Adebayor if has a replacement signed.

We will have a better indication of the strength of the squad when the team set-off for Austria for the annual pre-season training camp.

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  1. Arsenal still needs a quality striker..Bobby Gee Thanks for reading. USA-Spain. Will it be blowout city?

  2. Some times I understood Wenger as he have a mental problem!!. Because when I compair the first five and six years, after he come to Arsenal and the last four years,I upset by him. However,to day I think he know his great mistak(value less philosophy)and by some star players in deffens, midfield and stiker.Carlos Villa is my first chiose for straiker, Yaya toure in the deffense midfield and sendros must not be leave the club,rather there are players who did not much with Arsenal, like Adebayer, Diaby.there fore I wit the news of singning new good players.

  3. I hope he doesn’t put the second team again on important matches

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