Arsenal an Island of Tranquility

Summer madness has hit us all.

 Real Madrid led the way with £56 million and £80 million transfers of Kaka and Ronaldo respectively. Manchester City paid £12 million for Barry with a further £140,000 a-week in wages, whilst they are about to land Santa Cruz for £18 million.  Manchester United have waved goodbye to two of their top players in Ronaldo and Tevez.  Liverpool’s Benitez has gone completely mad and is about to sign Glenn Johnson for £18.5 million, this is a player who on the back of one reasonable season at Portsmouth and a couple of good displays against Kazahkstan and Andorra is now deemed to be the difference between Liverpool winning the title or just being contenders!

 Back at the ranch matters have been very low key this season.  None of our players are screaming to leave the club.

 There have been some silly stories like Toure in being spotted in Manchester, whereas if you looked at the pictures there was nothing to tell you he was in Manchester. The other hoax was Bendtner to Roma; why?  Well in the last Arsenal programme, the Dane stated he was going on holiday to Rome, but the bloggers and cyber-journos out two and two together and came out with a ludicrous story.

 No doubt we will sell certain players, I will be surprised if either of Gallas and Toure are at the club come the start of the season, whilst Senderos is only a couple of weeks away from being sold. Unlike last season, Adebayor is begging Arsene to keep him, but it might be too little too late for the Togo striker.

 We have secured our first target of the summer and thus strengthened the defence.  Arsene will be working on other targets, but he will do so quietly and away from the madness that is engulfing other clubs. 

 Robin van Persie is about to sign a new contract any day now, whilst Diaby is giving up some of his summer holidays to get himself super fit for next season.

  “He (Diaby) is motivated and wants to reach the next stage on the physical level. The English league is very demanding; as a consequence his objective is to improve physically in order to be stronger and more resistant. He wants to be stronger in challenges. That is why he needs more muscle power,” his personal trainer told  Les Dessous du Sport.

 Potential targets are being priced out of the market by Manchester City and Real Madrid’s buying power.  Ribery who went to Bayern Munich for £12 million two years ago is being touted at £46 million and Karim Benzema is available at £35 million, Arsene knows that any transfer dealings need to be done discreetly, otherwise Mark Hughes will be doubling the transfer fee and wages, we have already seen this with Edin Dzeko and Miguel Veloso, Hughes will follow Wenger around as he does not have the knowledge or experience that Arsene possesses in the European transfer market.

 Things are quiet on the transfer front at the moment, but as squads come back for pre-season training, things will start to develop and move fast.  Arsenal will do things quietly with no public statement as to who are transfer targets are, that is the Arsenal way, that is Wenger’s way.

 Until we read about it on then it is not official and all we can do is speculate.

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  1. I think Man City will become the new Chelsea and bring in people who are concerned with money. When results fail to materialise they will become a huge hole in which money cant fill.

    Remember Chelsea’s signings in their first year? All those strikers who could’nt hit a barndoor and pure jokers everywhere. Chelsea have a couple of years after which the sugar daddy will just surrender them to their device and you will see another Leeds United. I feel sorry for Man City’s supporters coz it will end in tears. Hughes will definitely be sacked before the end of coming season- fact.

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