Gibbs – England’s Next Left-Back

When the season started we expected the likes of Randall and Merida to make an impact in the first team.  Neither however succeeded on that front, in fact the player who took his chance and has leapfrogged these players is Kieran Gibbs.

With Armand Traore on loan, most people expected Silvestre to understudy Clichy, but injuries to Silvestre opened the door for Gibbs.

Gibbs started his life at Arsenal as a winger, though Wenger has turned him into a left-back.  Gibbs is not like our normal left-backs, from Sammy Nelson through to Gael Clichy, they have all been short, he is tall and strong, and he will not lose out on many physical battles.  Having been a winger, he is comfortable going forward and his crosses are perfect.  I doubt either Clichy or Sagna would have been able to deliver the cross that enabled Walcott to score against Chelsea.

Gibbs made one costly error, a slip against Manchester United, other than that, he has played well and has not be overawed by the situation he has found himself in. Gibbs has improved so much that he is Stuart Pearce’s first choice for left-back in the under-21 team.

Gibbs will push Clichy next season and within two seasons he will pose Wenger a dilemma, does he give Gibbs the left-back slot or does he sell England’s next left-back.  There are even some commentators who are saying that Kieran could be a surprise choice by Capello for next years World Cup squad.

One thing is for sure, Gibbs will become a great left-back and he will be the first of many talents to come through our academy system.

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  1. Amen to that. Have you also noticed that Gibbs is not easily beated to headers like Clichy?
    This season i’m eager to see Jack Wilshire getting some playing time. Also Merida and Jay Simpson.
    Actually i think if Arsene knew how to blend in his young players like Ferguson, then we wouldn’t have gone so long without a trophy.
    The same players at key positions are overused, then at the business end of the season they are so tired they start making mistakes.

  2. Arsenal1Again

    Gael Clichy is our left back until Gibbs proves otherwise. Gibbs is good and his crossing is great like you said, but he’ll have a job shifting Arsehole Cole from the England squad in the World Cup squad. He may go as cover for Cole, though.

    I don’t have a problem with Gael Clichy at all – the man is Arsenal through and through and he’s just put his Middle finger up at Real Madrid. You’re more likely to see Gibbs doing the same job on the left side as what Eboue did on the right side. Stand in as Full-back or if need be, play on the wing.

  3. gibbs is a fantastic talent. personally i am more impressed with him than anyone of our kids. full backs never get the same kind of credit for a good game as an attacking player who plays a killer through ball or scopres a nice goal. but when it comes down to it the question is how well players do their exact role. gibbs has been impeccable and even that slip was probably more to do with his choice of studs than anything else. he bounced back great and he seriously looks to have a future with us at the highest level. he still has it all to prove yet, but he can only do what he is asked to do- and so far he has passed with straight As.

  4. yo.. wat gives u the idea that clichy is shorter than gibbs ?? they are of equal hieght..

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