Tuesday Swoop is Hitzlsperger!

If it’s Tuesday it means it is Bundesliga day for Arsenal.  Yes every day we are linked with players from different leagues around Europe, this keeps us all occuppied and avoids the monotony of being linked with Sakho, Toure and Matuidi every day!

Having been linked with Edin Dezeko of Wolfsburg, and the linking was done be his agent to flush out AC Milan, today we are being linked with VfB Stuttgart midfielder and former Aston Villa midfielder Thomas Hitzlsperger.  The reason?  Well he has one year left on his contract and he plays in midfield.  The fee £5 million.  Not bad I hear you say until tomorrow when he has either signed a new contract or he has joined Wolfsburg.

Only the day, Auxerre’s Polish forward  Ireneusz Jelen said it would be an honour to join Arsenal.  So cyberspace went mad, until today when we read that he has signed a new contract.

If an agent wants a new contract for his player link him with say Arsenal who everyone knows are in the market for players and his club will offer him a new improved contract at which point he will pledge undivided loyalty and kiss the badge!

So will Hitzlsperger be the man for us?  I doubt it, as tomorrow it will be someone from Italy and then Spain before we move back to more fertile ground, France.

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  1. Well predicted, Felipe Melo of Fiorentina is the one today.

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