Arsenal Ready to Bid for Melo?

Another day in the transfer market, so it must be a new target for Arsenal.  Today the Daily Mail has Arsenal preparing a bid (I love the thought of Wenger, Gazidis and Friar sitting over a PC and typing out a bid) for Fiorentina’s Felipe Melo.


The price is £15million (it appears that this is the going rate for players) despite the fact that Fiorentina have a bid of £15 million plus a player on the table, Arsenal are supposedly offering less!

Latest developments according to Tribal Football (a valued source of all transfer stories) Fiorentina are interested in Senderos.  If Fiorentina are serious about Phillipe, than cash plus player deal could be o nthe cards.

Melo has been on Wenger’s radar for some time now, he sees him as the enforcer we need and with his disciplinary record we will need a suitable deputy.  He is a tough tackler, maybe the player we need.

It is reported that he has a €20 million buyout clause, which equates to £17 million, though there were rumours that he signed a new contract at Fiorentina earlier this month.

There is still a lot of uncertainty as to whether this is a “true” story or just a journalist with little else to do and who will never be held to account if this “exclusive” never materializes.

What is for sure is that Wenger WILL sign a central midfielder, what is also certain is that between now and that signing we will be linked with dozens of players, our hopes will go up and then they will be dashed as he signs a new contract or he signs for another club.  This unfortunately is the nature of the transfer window, more hot air than actions.

Tomorrow no doubt the interest will switch to Portugal or Russia!

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  1. Probably is hot-air but if we were to get him in then i think it would be giant step in the right direction as he’s a quality player. I won’t hold my breather though….

  2. No world class dm, no chance at the title.

  3. Jack Staniforth

    Every time I switch on the computer I see Arsenal are bidding for another player who`s name I`ve never heard of (excuse my igroance). It seems that the unenlightened, like me, who live at the other end of the world can only judge the players talent by the millions of pounds that appear after his name. Ronaldo therefore must be the best player in the world because he cost the most. Wenger says “hang on that`s not true” and he`s right. Give him an Ashavin for say 15 million wait a season and chances are you`ll have another Ronaldo, or better.

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