Eboue Thinks of Leaving – Well Go!

Eboue has come out in the press and said he is not sure of his future at Arsenal.  He has stated he wants to play or he will leave.  He has even given us a list of teams that are interested in him.

He told France-Football, “Leaving would be hard, but I think experiencing another season like this one would be even harder, spending more time away from the pitch.”

“At the end of the day, if I leave Arsenal, I will move to another league because playing somewhere else in England is out of the question.”

Clearly he is not happy sitting on the bench and this is good, but if he opened his eyes he would realise that there will be no tears from Arsenal fans if he left.  Eboue may have turned the corner following his nadir against Wigan but this player is not worthy of starting for Arsenal.  He will not dislodge Sagna and he is not good enough to play as a midfielder. He runs well with the ball, but his final pass leaves a lot to be desired.  Eboue took on a cult following in the latter months but this was more in jest than out of true love for the player. 

If Arsenal can sell Eboue for around £5 million that will be a great bit of business for Arsenal.  If Eboue leaving means that either Kerrea Gilbert or Gavin Hoyte move one step closer to first team football or Wenger uses the £5 million to buy Manchester City’s Micah Richards, I would be very happy.

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  1. So we constantly moan about lack of depth and experience in our squad and then you preach selling one of our most versatile players. Surely Eboue wants to play every week but he simply cannot. However he provides very good cover in a number of roles in the event of an injury. Eboue is the kind of player every team needs – a utility player. Ask Fergie how he wins championships and he’ll tell you the likes of Fletcher and O’ Shea are key to having squad depth. Neither are starters but Fergie has them believing they are still an important part of the team and they’ve contributed immensely to Man Utd’s success, coming on when someone is injured.

    • northbanklegend

      The difference is that O’Shea and Fletcher are Man Utd academy players. If we had kept Hoyte he would have been our O’Shea

  2. agree with WC, we have no squad.

    but theo is there he has been on form as the invisible man for club and country. dont worry wenger always replaces…

    flamini, gilberto, hleb, risiky, eduardo, etc etc.

    we should buy and not sell this summer ! no questions

    if we sold ade, we wont replace him, will have jay simpsons upfront FACT. so just be thankful to have eboue

  3. you have just shown how naive u r and how little knowledge u have of football. i’ll tell you a little about eboue and if ur honest enough u’d realise that eboue is a real asset to team. first of all we’ve seen walcott play on the right of midfield and i must say if it wasnt for the fact that he is more likeable than eboue he wud have had more boos from the fans. eboue has better technique and ball controll than walcott. now the excuse that theo is a kid and will learn doesnt hold here because every manager wud tell u that technique is usually acquired when u r young. now eboue took us to the champions league final playing as a rb and as part of a back four that set records for clean sheets. u cant do tht if ur a bad player. i saw eboue keep the legend zidane quiet in 2006 when we played real madrid and zizou got so frustrated he resorted to foulin him. i wonder if any one complained he was a bad right back but so are the fans of today, so fickle they forget easily. for ur information eboue can put in a decent performance at rb, lb, and as a right midfielder. i would agree sagna offers more defensive solidity than eboue but eboue is better going forward. u forgot the last minute header by thiery henry when we beat the mancs? this is incredible. i should stop reading sites like urs because they offer me nothing. if wenger has changed eboue from a rb to rm and he plays poorly there, do u blame the player or the manager. with eboue playin rb we stand a better chance of beating teams like stoke etc who come only to defend. i wont continue wasting my time u. this is the last time im on here. for real.

  4. To say that a person dose not understand the game because they may have a different view to you is just wrong. firstly if Arsene wenger thought Eboue was such a good left back he would not of bought bacary sagna, Eboue has got this ability to drive play forward in the way flamini and before that Paul merson did but the different is end product this is were Eboue falls down, maybe in time he may improve this part of his game but time is the important word here, like so many of the arsenal players he need time to develop his game but as we have already heard he like other player are demanding a regular starts when I don’t think as it seems Arsene wenger feels the same with what he brings to the teem at the moment dose not warrant a regular start and if he can not look at him self and assess his own form, look at where he can improve on his game and maybe give him self a better chance of starting games.
    Now here is the point Eboue is not willing to sit on the bench he is not demanding a place in the starting line up because he has improved his gane and worked on his final pass no! he believe that he should be in the starting line up because well I don’t know you tell me??????????

    He is not the only player at arsenal who think they are better than they are and need to look at parts of there game that can improve along with Eboue there is Bendtner, Adebayor, Fabianski, these are just a few I could go on………….

  5. Francis Chanda

    Can you try eboue at 6 but the man will give the ball to his oposite number and that will be it.

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