The Future of Our Midfield

All Arsenal fans are crying out for a new defensive enforcer to be signed by Wenger this summer.  The fans favourite is Yaya Toure, whilst we have also been linked with Miguel Veloso and whilst Mohamadou Diarra who was the hottest property a couple of seasons ago cold be the man we need.

What we have not addressed is what happens to our current crop of players.

Without doubt there is no argument that Cesc is a starter, but what about Denilson, Diaby and Song.  What happens to the players one level below these, Ramsey, Randall, Merida and Wilshere or what happens to Lansbury, the next best thing to come out of the academy?

Part of the Arsene’s grand scheme was that these players were to form part of a conveyor belt of young talent being prepared for the first team squad.  If we buy, and we all agree we need to buy, a central midfielder then at least one of the first group will probably leave and perhaps we would also lose Randall.  Every action has a consequence and this will be the consequence of that action.

Of the first group of players they all have their merits and their weaknesses. 

Diaby should be the ideal central midfielder, he has the built and strength and should have made this position his last season, but he either failed to take his chances or Wenger often played him out on the wing.

Song started to establish himself as a central midfield dynamo, breaking up attacks and offering the shield to the defence that had been missing for most of the season.  Wenger however, does not consider Song as a midfielder in the long run.  Arsene sees Song as a centre back, though he has been reluctant to play him their in matches that count.

Denilson has been much maligned this season.  Too many people look at him and do not see an attacking player; they see him as a negative player who too often plays the ball sideways.  They forget that a true defensive midfielder is not supposed to attack, their job is to be the proverbial “water carrier”, and this is the role that Denilson performs.

Whoever comes in the players further down the pecking order will start to ask the question, what happens to me.  We saw last season that both Ramsey and Wilshere are capable of playing in the first team.  There is no doubt that they will become first team squad regulars over the next couple of seasons, but what of Randall and Merida?  Randall made a few bench appearances but his star has faded.  He will either accept two seasons on loan to further his career or he will follow that well trodden path and join Sidwell, Bentley, Muamba and Larsson in leaving the club before they have had a chance to show their potential.

These are all factors that Arsene must weigh up when signs a player that everyone agrees we need, which of his crop of midfielders does he sell?

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  1. Peacefulwarrior

    Sell Diaby in the january window next season.I am still not giving up hopes on him yet cuz he has skills which none of other mids possess.He is by far the most physical of all the midfielders we have.( thou he tackles poorly, he does physcially dominate opponents by shielding and nive movement)
    We dont have to worry bout the young ones like wilshere ramsey lansbury.. cuz they would get a handful of games this season and the next after which they would start more often.
    At the end of next season we would be in a better position to judge who needs to stay or who needs to go based on performances next season.
    I am expecting a lot from Song now and anything average would not be tolerated by many Arsenal fans.So Song and Diaby is a make or break season.They have the required experience and age is with them,they have support of the best players in the world.They need to perform or else its over for them.
    Denilson thou is more consistent and he is here to stay for a long time.

  2. Song and Denilson played very maturely last season, and whilst still not top quality I’d expect them to improve next season. Less confidence in Diaby, flashes of brilliance but needs a run- loan him out.

  3. The three mentioned players denilson, diaby and song just do not possess enough all around game to merit a first team place in a team that is supposedly challenging for the title. These players have demonstrated consistently their characteristics: denilson does not carry enough water and really isn’t built for the epl, diaby cannot play defense and song, who had one respectable goal, cannot play offense.

    All three have their moments but they are few and far between and they generally lack the ability to change a game, lack pace, and just have the look of players that either have been promoted too early or just aren’t ready for prime time If one has to go to my view it should be denilson who doesn’t really excel in any one aspect and has the least upside.

    Potential is a funny thing, and I believe these players have plenty, but if we are to win the title or any trophy a center midfield with these players I think will consistently fall short. Can we afford to sit back while the other teams continue to build for the upcoming season and expect better results than last season which by any reasonable measure was a step backward for the club?

  4. Denilson, Song, Diaby, Nasri and Ramsey are the future of Arsenal.

    “Without doubt there is no argument that Cesc is a starter”. I diagree with this comment. Only the most loyal and die-hard Fabregas fan would say that Cesc has been better than Diaby. Cesc has been nothing but utter rancid shit this season, woefully lacking defensively and constantly misplacing passes putting the team under even more pressure.

    Diaby should be given another 2 seasons at the very least to perform. He has been hampered by niggling injuries which is totally understandable considering he did have his ankle shattered. It would take about 2 years for the physical and mental pain to subside.

    If he is blighted by injuries this coming season then it should be made clear that he has one more season to be consistent.

    When in full flow Diaby is miles better than Fabregas could ever be.

  5. sell denilson and diaby. they are not premier league material.

  6. I think that we have the defensive midfielder with Denilson and Song what we need is to keep our team and buy just 1-2 CB, because we don’t have good reserve for that position, we need there some consistency and experience. So I think we need to bye one good, strong CB and sell Adebayor and bye another striker like Huntelar or Drogba.

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