Arsenal Transfer Targets Going Elsewhere?

Various websites are reporting that whilst Wenger fiddles, his transfer targets could be escaping his clutches or are they really his targets?

It is being reported that Sakho is there for the taking if only we increased our offer and Bayern Munich are lurking in the background ready to pounce.

Another site is stating that Bolton Wanderers are preparing a £11 million bid for Sporting midfielder Miguel Veloso.  Bolton were close to signing the Portugal midfielder in January.  It will not be showing great ambition on the part of Veloso if he joins Bolton a team that will struggle to qualify for the Europa Cup next season. If Veloso is genuinely on Arsene’s wish list, then surely we should be making a move for him sooner rather than later.

Another of transfer targets is the St Etienne midfielder Blaise Matuidi.  Matuidi is also wanted by Tottenham, but it appears that Everton will be making a bid for the player next week.  Once again Matuidi has been linked with Arsenal all season, again if he is one of the players that we want Wenger needs to ensure that either he or Gazidis picks up the phone or sends a fax through to Les Verts with a firm bid. 

Much of the summer transfer window is spent reading through the papers, surfing the web looking for rumours, hints, speculation and lies as to what players Arsene is chasing.  Arsenal are always linked with dozens of players every summer, but only Arsene Wenger and Ivan Gazidis know who the real targets are.  Many players will be signed by other clubs, players that we may or may not have been linked with.   There will be disappointment from Arsenal fans, but you can be guaranteed that Wenger will only sign the players that Arsenal need.  Remember Didier Zakorra, a long time link to Arsenal and finally he signs from Spurs, not a great success. 

Until the club make an announcement about any signings we mere fans are restricted to following the tittle-tattle on the web and in the newspapers, fingers crossed that someone will be signed soon.

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  1. Arsenal1Again

    Wenger doesn’t fiddle for a start ….. and I don’t know where you’ve been since January because all transfer acquisitions are the soul responsibility of Ivan Gazidis …. not Wenger (who is on holiday).

    Wenger gave a list of players he wants, and now it’s up to Ivan Gazidis to do the negotiating.

    Also, most transfer targets will be on holiday themselves – which is why we’ll wait until July before worrying.

  2. Wenger won’t buy make-weights, only players who add quality.

  3. Mr.Goodkat(Nigeria)

    Whether it is Wenger or Gazidis thats responsible for negotiating for players,we don’t doubt their capabilities,thats not the point.D point is if the players being mentioned in the rumours are the players arsenal want,then we are dragging our feet,and that would mean we might loose out on some or most of them under our very nose.The point being its time 2 b decisive about those we want to sell & those we want to buy.If we’re selling Ade,lets do so & get those we want as fast as possible.Most other clubs have started makin serious bids for players they want & I think its time for us to take the bull by the balls.Im very optimistic about this season,bt we should’nt be a tad complacent.Viva Arsenal.

  4. jimnah ng'ang'a(kenya)

    we fans from foreign countries are very supportive (morally of course unless we are killing ourselves) but if only wenger or gazidis would really pull those socks up and give us players we can expect something from especially in defence!!!!!

  5. arsene wenger mush think about painfull to his fans if his aclub arsenal going without silver this time we want to see some old head at the club .plz wenger make us happy by buying experience player

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