Senderos at the Exit Door

Last summer I wrote that the writing was on the wall for Phillipe Senderos.  Newcastle were one of the clubs interested in taking the Swiss international away from his Arsenal nightmare.

Wenger let Senderos go to AC Milan on loan a deal that cost the Italian club £1.5 million, the deal was constructed with a view to AC Milan signing the player on a permanent deal this summer for £6.5 million.  The new manager has decided against exercising that option, but this does not mean the Swiss centre-back will be playing for Arsenal next season.

The player has stated that he does not see his future at Arsenal; in effect he has signed his exit permit from the club.  Wenger will not allow such comments and then keep the player.

Some people think that Senderos is the answer to our defensive problems, but if people had seen Senderos in action, they would have realised that he too often appears to play like a rabbit caught in the headlights.  There is complete panic.  He is a tall muscular player but does not enjoy the physical side of the game, he lacks pace and his tackles are too often mistimed.  Clearly the Premier League is not the place for Senderos.

The likelihood is that Senderos will end up in the Bundesliga.  I would have thought that Arsene could use Swiss Phil as bait to lure Dzeko to Arsenal, but it appears that the Wolfsburg striker is set on joining AC Milan.  Wenger will be looking at selling Senderos for £6 million to augment his transfer budget.

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  1. “He is a tall muscular player but does not enjoy the physical side of the game, he lacks pace and his tackles are too often mistimed”

    You write that after asking have people seen him play..?? WTF !!! Have YOU seen him play..??

    His single problem is that he is prone to errors of his own making, even in games where he is playing very well.

    Do you not realise Milan took him because he was brilliant over two legs against them in the season before..?? Maybe you missed those two games…?

    Perhaps you also missed his 2006 CL performances as well..?

    FFS give the guy some credit. I don’t suppose you remember Tony Adams’ early years either…

  2. I think it is logical to sell Senderos for the following reasons:
    -He is resigned to go.
    – Too many error prone defenders: Toure (own goal aginst chelsea, inability to stop Jamaican Fuller), Gallas (sometimes switches off in a game (Aston Villa at Emirates), Silvestre (Lack of pace and Strength)
    -Boosting the transfer budget to acceptable level. He is the only defender who can bring in at least 6 million pounds because of age & potential.
    -We need to sell under achievers.

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