Arshavin is Happy At Arsenal

Over the last three or four weeks the press and the internet has been awash with rumours that Arshavin is not happy with his lot at Arsenal.  The rumours have been that the Russian wants to renegotiate his wages due to the impending tax increase.

A few days ago one of the people responsible for bringing Arshavin to Arsenal clarified matters on TalkSPORT.  He said that when Andrei was asked in Russian about his wages in England, he replied that the taxes in England are high and they will increase.  He will have to look at this.  At no point did he mention asking for a wage increase at no point did he talk about leaving Arsenal.

This was confirmed by his agent Lachter who told the Daily Star Sunday: “No he isn’t looking for a pay rise at the moment, he is happy.

“I cannot comment on that. It is made up by somebody, I think.”

Arshavin has transformed the club since his arrival, there is a buzz everytime he get s the ball, he is a player who score, create and entertain. Once he has a full pre-season, we will see an even better Arshavin.

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