Van Persie to Sign a New Contract In July

Robin van Persie has been stalling on signing a new contract at Arsenal.  The issue is not money, this ahs been agreed, but it is the direction in which Arsenal are moving that concerns van Persie.

Inter Milan are interested in luring van Persie to the San Siro and will consider a £25 million bid. 

Robin van Persie is liked by Arsene and he sees great potential in the Dutchman and will be reluctant to let him leave the club.

Earlier this week van Persie gave the first indication that he might be willing to stay at Arsenal when he made positive comments about Arsenal’s potential signing, Thomas Vermaelen. 

Robin van Persie will now be on holiday, so do not expect him to sign his contract just yet, but once he returns, expect Arsene to sit him down and get a definitive answer.  Unless something dramatic happens between now and 6 July, I expect van Persie to sign a new contract and he will then spearhead our attack for next season.

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  1. Great thing he has signed. No point in selling for 20 million.

    Too good.

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