Gallas Arsenal’s Best Defender To Leave

William Gallas joined us as part of the Ashley Cole transfer.  Nobody knows whether Gallas really want to join Arsenal or if he wanted to move abroad.  Gallas seemed a reluctant Gooner in his first season, always complaining about the team’s attitude, their lack of desire to win. It was a surprise then that Arsene appointed Gallas as captain on Henry’s departure.

Gallas was a good captain.  He inspired the team and drove us close to glory.  The press had it in for him though, and the infamous Birmingham City incident gave them weeks and weeks worth of ammunition.  What that incident showed was Gallas realised that some of the players did not have the nerve to win the title.

This season Gallas dared tell the truth about a spoilt dressing room, he dared reveal that too many of our players are prima donnas with haven’t earn that right and he lost the captaincy.

Since coming back Gallas has been the rock of the defence.  He held the defence together, covered for all his teammates when they made mistakes.  Then the dreadful day at Villarreal when he went off injured and his season ended.  With this one departure so too ended our season.

We got past Villarreal, but with Gallas in the team would we have conceded four goals against Liverpool?  With Gallas cajoling and helping his defence and team, will we have capitulated to Manchester United in the Champions League?  Would Gallas have been caught off-guard as Silvestre was against Chelsea in the FA Cup and would Gallas allowed our defence to crumble against Chelsea in the league?

Gallas was the man who held the defence together, he might not have too many friends in the changing room, but that is because he is honest and that hurts some of our “babies” whose egos might get bruised.

Now it appears that Arsene is prepared to let him go.  This is what Gallas wants, but it might be the best option for Arsenal.  Gallas is the experience and rock that we need at the back.  Allowing Gallas to leave is a big mistake; we should be offering Gallas a new two year contract.  Instead he will be sold for £3 million and in his place we have Silvestre.


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  1. i hope wenger does not make the mistake of selling him and leaving silvestre.

  2. In his place we have Djourou – you can get that one for free seeing as you somehow missed that. Gallas was never a good leader/captain. He was a lackey at Chelsea, albeit a good one. He never showed any leadership qualities at Chelsea and Wenger gave him the armband in an effort to keep him at the club and hope it will inspire an ex-Chelsea player to do his best at a rival London club – Arsenal. He was always a world class defender but never ever captain material. It’s either Gallas or Toure and the seniority of Toure would always have won. The summer isn’t over so why do you think Vermaelen will be our only signing? With Newcastle in the crap shoot situation Mike Ashley put them in even Bassong could go cheap as a decent cover.

  3. What’s wrong with u gooners, gallas is a great player and by far our best defender, there’s no replacement for him. We should be supporting him and hoping that he doesn’t leave because he is truly world-class and a great professional and one of the best at wat he does.

  4. if there is no desire for gallas to continue at Arsenal then he should go….Wenger has never refused the desire of a player to leave

  5. Wait a sec. fellow gooners, if we could have it our way we should not sell any body. Remember it’s injuries and lack of good bench that cost us this season, so we should be talkin about buyin! Not sellin!

    • You can talk about having it your way all you want but this isn’t Burger King. If a player feels he needs to go then there’s no sense in trying to stop them. Remember that this is the same player who threatened to score an own goal if his demands weren’t met at Stamford Bridge. Sure I think Gallas is still a good defender and wouldn’t want him to go but no player is bigger than the club and I’d rather cut my losses from now before it erupts into a storm that will only distract us from football.

  6. I’m just not sure Gallas fits well with the rest of the squad, so if we can’t sign a forward or keeper, maybe put some more transfer funds into getting another potential starting CD

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