Arsenal Make Enquiries About Veloso

Arsenal should be after a midfielder. 

Gareth Barry was priced out of everyone’s price bracket when Manchester City offered him £130,000 a week.  This is double what Arsenal would have even thought of offering the England international.

Yaya Toure is the old chestnut that never goes away; look out for the Steven Appiah stories to emerge soon! Yaya’s agent states that Arsenal’s offer last season in terms of wages was not enough.   This story goes to back-up the stories in the British press that the board vetoed any wages in excess of £50,000 a week.  The agent has said that he will not come to Arsenal on that basis.  So we either increase our offer or say goodbye once and for all to Yaya coming to Arsenal.

Last night Sky Sports News ran a story saying that Miguel Veloso will be leaving Sporting Lisbon and will be coming to the Premier League. A sub-story said that Manchester City and Arsenal have both made enquiries about the player.  What does enquiry mean?  It could be a phone call about his status, it could be and enquiry about the asking price or it could be a tentative offer.  It is great that Arsenal are looking at Veloso who is a better player than Denilson, Song and Diaby.  The only problem is Manchester City are again sniffing around one of our targets.

Veloso will be a great addition to our squad and we know the price is around £12 million as this is what Bolton were prepared to pay in January.


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  1. Come on guys, dont be daft to bring up those naff questions as to which Arsenal player would get into Manure coz they cant and should’nt. As long as they are Gunners they cant be Nanure.

    Can you also make the same comparison about your missus? Coz if she sleep with another man its goodbye. So why would we want our players to fit into another team least of all Manure?

  2. Lorik Cana is probably still cheaper and better if you ask me

  3. His name’s Veloso. But nice try.

  4. I have a hard time believing that he’s going to wind up with Citeh. They already have DeJong and Barry to play that position. I do agree with wc that Cana is a better player. Cheaper, I don’t know but he would be my choice o the two.

  5. reterdo gonzales

    veleso es mucho poo fase mi prefiero alex song, song! ES MUCHO FANTSTICO NEGRO!!!

  6. veleso es mucho poo fase mi prefiero alex song, song! ES MUCHO FANTSTICO NEGRO!!! mi likey negro fase!

  7. the media will link city to every player this summer. so dont bother 2 believe everything u read, plus i agree with the cana thing im really a fan of his but if we sign him im afraid that the refs will b very harch on him considering the publicity he had lately of a criminal, plus they aint no fans of us (refs). i really dont understand this ship publicity though? the guy is a natural leader and an exelent football player.

  8. i rreally hope to sign LORIK CANA he’s a wonderfull player…

  9. rpn_ArsenalFC

    Song is better than veloso, you moron…

  10. can arsenal win the premier league next season???

  11. Man City won’t go for Veloso. And if I’m honest i don’t think Arsenal will, regardless how much we need that sort of player. Man City have way too many players in that position.. De Jong, Barry, Fernandes, Johnson, Kompany etc.

  12. you say veloso is better than song. based on what? you watch him all the time like you do song (i presume unless you’re one of the bandwagon fans who doesn’t pay attention and judges badly regardless because of mass opinion, or because you read ratings in tabloid match reviews).

    very few brits are watching the portuguese league regulrly, let alone sporting. so don’t cut that crap as though you know if he’s that good or not.

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