Who Will be Leaving this Summer?

Whilst we are looking forward to players arriving next season, a squad can only have so many players, so inevitably there will be departures.

The possible or rather imminent departure of Adebayor has been well documented, but the Togolese striker will not be alone.

Reports today have Inter Milan wanting van Persie and Mourinho is prepared to spend £25 million for the Dutch striker.  How much of this story is from van Persie’s agent trying to play hardball with Arsenal and how much is genuine Inter floating an idea to see what the reaction is we do not know.  What we know is that Wenger wants van Persie to sign a new contract, something the Dutchman has stalled over. Whilst Arsene wants van Persie to stay, he will not allow him to blackmail the club.  Wenger is thinking ahead and Dzeko’s arrival could signal his acceptance of both Adebayor and van Persie’s departure.

Defence is the area where there could be several departures.

Senderos wishes to stay in Milan, and he can stay there with our blessing.  His heart is not at Arsenal and Wenger has seen enough of him to be prepared to listen to offers from any club.

Two “veterans” have been rumoured to be leaving. Silvestre has not been a success and if Wenger was honest with himself he would let him leave on free transfer.  Gallas is not happy, he had the captaincy stripped from him and appears a lonely figure in the changing room with few friends.  It would be a shame to lose Gallas as his experience is so valuable and he is such a great defender.  It is no coincidence that our defensive failing came to the fore when Gallas was out injured at the crucial part of the season.

The final player who could be leaving is Eboue who is not happy with his squad role at the club. Eboue has stated that there are several clubs interested in him.  I imagine Eboue is positioning himself for a new contract.  Wenger will not have any of this from a player who is only considered a deputy for the right-back role.  We have too many good right-wingers to have to rely upon Eboue for the forthcoming season. If a club comes in with a good offer for Eboue, Wenger will not hesitate in selling Eboue.

One thing is for sure, there will be several players leaving this summer, so before buying a replica shirt this summer, wait until all the comings and goings have been completed or you could end up an Eboue shirt and he could be at Atletico Madrid.

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  1. An Eboue shirt? How funny…

  2. wat soever happens we r not willing neither accepting the departure of VAN PERSIE N FABREGAS.


  3. otekat (soroti-uganda)

    4 God’s seek & the good of Arsenal Fc we stil need the services of Gallas coz of his experince, v persie ; wen we talk about the magic left foot we can’t loose him pliz
    Fabregas bravo he’s the main engine of arsenal.

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