Song – Midfielder or Defender?

Alexander Song must cause Arsene Wenger the biggest headache of all our players.  What is this player really capable of achieving, where do you play Song?

It is well documented that Song had a nightmare start to his Arsenal career, eventually moving to Charlton and performing well in midfield.  Song returned but was a peripheral figure.  Last season saw a comical Song come one as a substitute nearly every game.

When questioned as to where Song should play, Wenger said he was not built to play in central midfield.  As if to emphasise the point Wenger played Song as a centre back for the last half-dozen games last season.  Was Wenger planning to play Song as a centre back for the 2008/09 season, with Senderos being sent to Milan, this looked likely.

The season started and Song started to partner Denilson or Fabregas.  Song looked out of place in midfield, completely lost technically and position wise. The game passed him by, he did not make tackles and contributed little going forward.  Wenger had not option but to persist with Song and slowly Song became a rock in midfield.  He harassed opponents, never gave up on anything and started to win tackles.  He became indispensible in central midfield.

Was Song the answer to our midfield problems?  Had we found our new Vieira? Well not yet, but Song was a willing candidate.

Well just to muddy the waters Wenger has again chosen to play Song at the back for the last two games this season.

Where is Song’s best position, defence or midfield?  In truth, he is not good enough at this moment to hold down either position, but under no circumstances do we get rid off Song.  Song is the ideal utility squad player.   Song can step in and do a good job, but not as a regular starter.  Every squad needs two or three such players and Song is our man for all occasions.

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  1. And to add to the mix, he’s still young but has a little bit of experience should we land in problems. So I say, get rid of Silvestre, refuse Gallas’ transfer request, sell Senderos and buy another defender. We will then be well covered.
    The other good think is, that should we buy a DM player, the true competition will be between that player and Denilson, not Song, because he has other options.

  2. No, he’s not good enough to win major honours with. He’ll only be a squad player unless we drop out of the top four and become a mid-table club in which case a mediocre player like him will be a worthy asset.

    Please, for the love of all things good in this world, stop mentioning him in the same sentence as Vieira or Petit! Grimandi maybe.

  3. Peacefulwarrior

    I agree with your opinion about Song.He din’t start off well but I think after a couple of FA cup games against burnley that I started to realize this guy had serious potential.He dint disappoint me since then.He was easily the top 3 arsenal player since that game.
    Song would be our CDM for next season and I think he will do justice to that role . I like him more at midfield rather than ar defence only because he likes to attack and likes to be involved in the final 3.
    If Vermalalean reports are true then I am guessing that would be our last buy unless we sell Ade and buy another striker.

  4. I don’t think Fabregas should partner a DM. Fabregas is not the type of player that rushes forward in an attack, and therefore we need a CENTRAL midfielder who does that. Nasri would be perfect in my opinion. For Song, yes he is valuable. I’m afraid he’s not going to be a regular starter, but he will be useful player in the bench. I’m not too concerned whether he’s a defender or a midfielder, he is able to play both just as fine. It’s actually an advantage for Wenger, not a headache.

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