Yaya Toure Next On Arsene’s List

Transfer rumour mill is heating up with many players being linked to Arsenal, but our old favourite appears to be top of the list.  Yaya Toure is being tipped as wanting to come to Arsenal and team up with his brother.  Wenger is a fan of Yaya, we had home on trial several years ago, but due to work permit problems, we were unable to sign him.

 Arsenal were rumoured to have made a bid for Yaya last summer, but there are mixed messages as to why he did not sing; Barcelona were prepared to sell him and that still seems to be the case.  Barcelona have Xavi, Iniesta, Busquets and Keita all capable of playing in midfield.

 Yaya has said he would love to play with Kolo, but it is not up to him.

 If the Yaya Toure rumours are true and Wenger makes a bid for him in the region of £15 million, the board needs to back Wenger on this one.  Yaya is the player who will make a big difference to our team.  He is the midfielder that we have been looking for and been missing.

 The only drawback will be both he and his brother will be missing for 6 weeks in 2010 for the African Nations Cup.  No doubt if Yaya is available Manchester City and Chelsea will try and hijack any deal.

 Yaya is one of the longest running stories for all Arsenal fans, this summer will be the conclusion of this story, either he joins now or he never will and the name Yaya Toure will no longer exhaust thousand of cyberspace words and speculation.

 If we can sign Yaya Toure, Thomas Vermaelen and Edin Dzeko, these will be the three signings that will transform Arsenal.  If Wenger and the board move fast, our transfers will be complete within two weeks.  

 The latest on Vermaelen is that there are negotiations going on, but Arsenal are not prepared to pay £10 million and are looking for a payment on performance basis, I hope this delay does not scupper the transfer.

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  1. Yes you are right…..those are the only three guys he should go for and just add a lil’ youngster to them…..If we don’t move fast…some team will come up for them and we’ll be licking our wounds next season….May this not be like the Story of Petr Cech, Micheal Essien, Ronaldo e.t.c that Wenger made inquiries about and did not sign.

  2. We’ve been talking about this for over a year now and I think Kolo going to Barca is much more likely than Yaya coming to Arsenal. If he wanted to leave Barca, he would have done it last year or the year before, not when they’re the best club in the world and he’s shown himself to be a guaranteed starter.

    • my friend you have spoken the most intelligent words iv read in a long time. you have said the same thing i have been saying.
      but i guess it wont kill us to have a little faith huh? =)

  3. tarr gunners

    this is just rumours.

  4. Daily Star has matthew upson coming to see Wenger at a Cafe in London.

    £8m i reckon.



  6. if adebayor exit then wenger should look for some one who is professional for that position.

  7. you are right,but always it seems rumour.

  8. look fellow gunners yaya is not gonna come to arsenal, y would he come 2 us when we struggle to get 4th place as well has having the shittest wage structure. these roumers are getting annoying now. 15 mil is no where enough more like 25-30 mil and due to dat hard faced tight fisted twat hill-wood wenger wont get the funds!! b realistic fellow gooners

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