Adebayor On The Way Out

The silence has been deafening from the Emirates.  The silence that is, to deny that Adebayor is not leaving the club.

 In the past and we can look at Vieira, every season he was with us, Henry for the last three season, Cesc last two seasons and even Adebayor last season, Wenger was very vocal in telling everyone that these players were going nowhere.

 On the flip side when Overmars, Petit, Henry and Hleb all moved to Barcelona and when Vieira moved to Juventus, there was silence from the Arsenal chief.

 There are striking similarities with the Adebayor saga of this summer… silence.  Adebayor has, after his agent indicating the need to speak to Wenger, made it known he sees himself at Arsenal next season, but he does not know what the manager wants.  Well if Wenger has not assured Adebayor of his future and the striker has left it all in the air, then it can only mean that Arsene is contemplating selling the big man.

 There were rumours of a Chelsea bid; these have increased as Ancelotti has become Chelsea’s manager.  We do not know if Ancelotti is a fan of Adebayor, but it is no secret that AC Milan were interested last summer, but they spent their budget on Ronaldinho. Wenger has not poured any cold water on these stories by stating that he is easy with selling a player to Chelsea.  In fact in recent seasons we have bought Gallas and Diarra from Chelsea, whilst selling Ashley Cole.  Adebayor will only happen if Drogba leaves, otherwise Ancelotti will be left with three main strikers and they will probably play with one out and out striker.

 Stories are today emerging of a £15 million bid from AC Milan.  Well a few weeks ago Wenger would have agreed to this, but knowing that AC Milan are about to receive £56.2 million, then I can see Arsenal play hardball over this.  Not the actual sale, as I believe this is a done deal, but the fee.  Arsenal will probably try and settle at a joint fee of £25 million for both Adebayor and Senderos.

 Such a fee will give Arsene a good budget to go out and strengthen the team.  With £10 million anticipated to be spent on bringing Thomas Vermaelen to the club, this leaves £15 million to spend on one or two more players, plus whatever budget he was given by the board.

 What is for sure is that Wenger does not have the desire to hold on to Adebayor.  This season proved to Arsene what he suspected that the 2007/08 season was an “exceptional” season for Adebayor.

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  1. So, you expect Wenger to publish a list of players in or out do you? Its amazing if you do coz even Ferguson does’nt publish his planned actions in the transfer market- in fact no manager does.

    That Tony Adams said what he said yesterday can be read as a slight of hand in which Wenger is eager to get out what has been impossible to say himself. Maybe that will explain the contradictions of Hill wood saying Wenger has money to spend and then Wenger turning around saying he does’nt think buying is called for.
    There are definitely discord in the boardroom. The question is what kind and who are involved. I knew this would happen when DD was thrown out.

  2. 25 mill for ade and senderos seems cheap. I’d take 25 if we got flamini in the deal aswell.

  3. surely we need david dein back at the club. it shouldnt be a problem that gazidis is there cos dd was vice chairman and gazidis is chief executive. dd is a proper fooyball man. the original mr arsenal. the reason that arsenal is as big as it is today. and with time i think we all realise that the path he wanted to take the club was inevitable. we jus have to make sure that we get the right owners.

  4. I like the idea of the return of Flamini for Ade and Senderos. It’s so logical it probably won’t happen. As a fan for nearly 80 years, I feel that that the return of David Dein cannot be delayed for much longer…..we need new live-wire blood at Board level.

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