Arsenal Shop at Aldi; Whilst Others Go to Harrods!

The summer madness has started and it is only a matter of time before we are embroiled in trying to keep our best players.

 Real Madrid are about to embark on €200 million transfer frenzy and the likes of Manchester City, Barcelona and Chelsea will not be far behind.  Manchester United and Liverpool will splash out the customary £50 million on players.  The likes of Tottenham under the tutelage of Harry Redknapp will be the biggest wheelers and dealers in the market with a net spend in excess of £20 million, even though ‘arry will deny spending more than £5 million.

 That leaves our beloved Arsenal.  Whilst everyone else in shopping in Harrods and Selfridges, we will be left once more looking for bargains in Aldi and Lidl!  We are no longer able to compete neither with the big boys in Europe nor with half of the Premier League.  We are stuck in a time warp as far as transfers and wages are concerned.

 Not all that long ago the likes of Barry and Ribery would have been Arsenal candidates, we would have competed with Manchester City, even though we cannot afford the £100K a week wages, we would have offered Barry European football.  Instead with a limited budget, we are focused on trying to secure contract extensions for van Persie and Bendtner.  Our money is being used to keep the players we have rather than recruit new players.

 When Real Madrid offer €65 million for Kaka, they know that they will recoup that money in terms of merchandise and playing high profile friendlies in the Middle East or the Far East.  Perez is not an idiot.

 Where is this type of entrepreneurial enterprise at Arsenal?

 When Ferguson spends £50 million on summer transfers he does it to ensure Manchester United reach the Champions League final every year and win the league.

 Where is our ambition?  Finishing fourth and reaching a semi-final!

When we left Highbury we were told we would compete with the likes of Manchester United and Liverpool in the transfer market.  Well that is clearly not the case; we struggle to compete with Bolton for Miguel Velosso and are not even able to prise Hangeland away from Fulham.  

 It is early in the transfer window, and Wenger needs to be given time to play the market and make the purchases he needs, but what is clear is that we are not shopping for the finished articles, we are still scavenging for bargains in La Ligue with the likes of Matuidi and Mbia.  We do not have the financial muscle to approach Barcelona and buy either Yaya Toure or Keita.

 We will give Wenger time, but ultimately the board has a many questions to answer about our finances and at the moment they are hiding behind Arsene Wenger.

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  1. The board must go now
    Arsenal is one of the most expensive places in the world to watch football its a desgrace they are mugging us off

  2. we should be glad to lure 15, 16 year old boys, it’s frustrating that we aren’t even in the market for any experienced player. as uli hoeness said all other european clubs don’t even pick up the phone if arsenal calls.

  3. Wenger won’t buy. If he wanted Gareth Barry he would have done the deal 2 weeks ago. We will get a few short arsed, physically weak players who are technically great but pointless. Wenger will laud them as the greatest, the board will laud him, the press will laud him…and we will come 5th. Time to go Wenger. Indecisive, poor knowledge of what makes a footballer. F*** off Wenger.

  4. Every sensible Gooner should know by now that Arsenal and AW always like to keep it shut when the transfer period is on.
    But look Man Sheiki buys a player, Real (who buys more then MU every year and how many CL they”ve won the last 5 years (zero) ), goes mental to buy Kaka and the moaners come out again.

    Do you really think we would win the PL when we should have bougt Barry ? Would we win the CL if we buy a player we already have (Kaka Cesc).

    We need a new Flamini (the old one would do for me) and maybe one CB.
    And don’t forget apart from his last season, we all were thinking Flamini was sh*t.
    Just be patient for a few days, the transfer market is still a long time open.

  5. I have an idea:

    Wenger should promote every member of this year’s youth cup winning side, and demote every single first team player!!!

  6. This blog is quickly falling to the bottom of the barrel and joining the likes of Arsenal Action in being complete irrational and negative. Oh hey we prefer to not spend 50M on a player in an unstable transfer structure which clearly cannot be financially feasible – so therefore we’re not an ambitious club. Utter rubbish. We just built one of the best stadiums in the league and put ourselves 300M pounds in the hole in order to ensure long term investment – but hey we’re not ambitious. We make the biggest profit margin of any club in the league – but hey we’re not ambitious. We will continually be on a thing budget until we pay off the stadium and apartments so expect Wenger to wheel and deal until then. I guess most of the doom and gloom Gooners would prefer us to be in some 700M pound debt like the Mancs with no idea how we’re going to pay it off and get slammed by interest on our loans every year. We are by far one of the most financially stable clubs and entities in the world – we should be so lucky to have Wenger to thank for that.

    • northbanklegend

      Usmanov has offered to help reduce the debt and free up vital cash for Wenger, yet the board have turned him down.
      The Emirates is a real top class stadium for us all to be proud of, but we need a team to match.

      I have been an Arsenal fan for a very long time, a fan who remembers seeing the old Highbury with 17000 fans.

      When I get angry it is because I want the best for our club

      • Could you imagine the possible implications for Usmanov to pay the debts of a club he doesn’t own? I’m not familiar with the law in this instance but something just doesn’t add up if Arsenal allowed an outside party to pay their debts for them – I wouldn’t be surprised if some inquiry by authorities folloed, which would add an unnecessary distraction to the club. Additionally consider the implications of Usmanov paying Arsenal’s debt and how it will play into this whole boardroom and ownership fiasco that has been going on since Dein left – we don’t need to add another variable to an already confusing situation. Arsenal aren’t looking for a hand-out and are perfectly capable of being self-sufficient in order to keep their business their own and not someone else’s.

      • northbanklegend

        THe intention would be for Usmanov to underwrite a rights issue. Any existing shareholder not wishing to buy new shares @ £10,000, then Usmanov would buy those shares. It is another way of him increasing his stake at the club as only he and Kroenke have the money to buy shares under the rights issue.

        This way instead of £100million going to Lady Nina or Danny Fiszman, the club would receive the money.

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