Will Wenger Go English?

The transfer has finally opened and we all wait with baited breath for the arrival of new players to invigorate our squad and bring home trophies.  Could Wenger break with tradition and focus his transfer targets on the domestic market?

Wenger has rarely bought English players and those he has have not for one reason or another been successful. Jermaine Pennant, Matthew Upson, Richard Wright and Francis Jeffers make up the unfortunate English quartet.

This summer Wenger needs to put the past behind him and take a look at some English players.  We have long been talked about lacking an English backbone; people have said we lack the fight that only English players can bring.

Arsene needs to look at Robert Green, Steve Taylor or David Wheater and Gareth Barry.  Add these players to Theo Walcott and the emerging Jack Wilshere and Kieran Gibbs and we have a large English nucleus.

Robert Green would be a good acquisition, he is a good goalkeeper at the right age and ready to launch hi England career.  It is better to buy him now whilst the price is low and he is refusing to sign a new contract, rather than wait for a year and see the likes of Chelsea come in and offer silly money for him.

In Steve Taylor we could acquire a centre back that has the ability and acumen to become a leader, not just of his club but a potential England captain.  Taylor is a solid player who will never let us down.  Failing him, we can look down the road to David Wheater who has fast established himself as a rock and Middlesbrough.  People will argue why buy players from relegated clubs, well these two are exceptions and both the North East clubs can postulate as much as they want, but they need to sell to survive and we need to pounce early.

The final English player is Gareth Barry.  A long term target for Liverpool, but they look like keeping Alonso and have moved to other targets.  Barry has made it clear he wants Champions League football, and this summer is probably his last opportunity to move to a top four club.  He will fight and help us grind out results.

This summer Wenger needs to make it English and change the spine of the team.  Purchasing Barry, Green and Taylor will completely changer the dynamics of the squad and it will be for the best.

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  1. Again i feel we will dissapointed because of the board we will probely sell Fabragas,Abedayor,Gallas and replace with a couple of unknown youngsters and a old cast off
    I spent 8 hours a day on the net during the Jan transfer window hoping to see us get a defensive midfielder and defender
    I spent all last summer hoping for a we got Nasri
    We need to buy experience now as i feel Villa,Spurs,Man city plus Man U chelski and Liverpool will be way above us no joke this board has to go now

    • Keith,
      i can’t get my head around what your saying, why do people after a little barron spell want to get rid of this and that, Liverpool now have gone three years with out a trophy, and look what they’ve spent,can you not see the talent at the club, these players will get better and better, we may need one or two players to give the team better balance, Arsenal are one of the biggest and best run clubs in the world and the people responsible are the very ones people like yourself want to get rid of.
      wake up mate, see what we’ve got and believe in those who are far better placed to bring success to the might Arsenal. watch next season and see us fly!!

  2. Why do you think we need a goalkeeper? Of all things an English goalkeeper – as if those English keepers have been setting the world on fire. England on a whole is an overrated team – on paper they’re top notch, on the pitch they hardly live up to their reputation.

    Barry looks like he is going to Citeh – his services are up to the highest bidder so his claim for European football was all garbage and he’s just after money.

    With the debt Newcastle are in, they would over-inflate Taylor’s price. He hasn’t proved anything this season, other than he was a part of a rather terrible defense. I would much rather Wenger take his time finding players instead of bum rushing every player on the second day of summer and blow money carelessly.

  3. too late dude.. barry just went to city..

    dont rate green to be better than almunia..

    taylor is all heart.. might be good for arsenal.. dunno if he good technically..

    wheater is inexperienced..

  4. Yes, Wenger should go English.
    I love the playing attitude of Walcot and Gibbs as well as the players mentioned above. They are brave and honest players.

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