Van Persie Stalls – Wenger Should Show Him the Door

Robin van Persie’s contract expires in summer 2011 and the club has been locked in contract negotiations all season.  The club appeared to have offered the Dutch striker £75,000 a week, but van Persie is stalling over signing a new contract.

There was talk earlier that he wanted a buyout clause, which was as low as €5 million.  The club, refused to meet this demand.

Now van Persie is coming out with the old “meeting my ambition” chestnut.

‘The club and I have not been able to make any headway,” van Persie said.”My aim was to play as many matches as possible and I achieved it by taking part in 44 games. I am also happy with my number of goals and assists.

“But the one blemish is that we have not won anything. Lifting a trophy, and the feeling that gives you, is what football is all about.”

There is nothing wrong in this statement if you have played your heart out and others have contributed to the club’s failure.  In van Persie’s case this is not what has happened. He had a good start and middle to the season, but when it came to the business end of the season, and we needed a striker, van Persie disappeared.

Does anyone remember van Persie in the semi-final against Chelsea, what was his contribution?  Where was van Persie against Manchester United? In the league apart from the gift on Sunday from Stoke City, the only other goal he has scored from open play this side of Christmas was in January against Everton.

Van Persie is not a prolific goal scorer and has contributed little else in recent weeks. If van Persie thinks  he will hold this club to ransom, then he can leave and experience the success that others have experienced like Hleb, Flamini, Overmars and Petit.

Our attack next season needs to be built around Arshavin and his talents, if that means no van Persie well so be it.

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  1. Not a good idea mate ! We need to keep our squad together !

  2. Yes, he is not consistent enough to be relied upon for big fight. Cash-in

    Yes. Show him the door should he refuse to extend his contract. Flamini case should never happen again AW.

  3. just… NO… you muppet….

    arsenal should be doing all they can to keep Van Persie… and i am certain that he will sign a new deal some time soon

    you ask where he was against chelsea in the cup and man u… well i will tell you where he was against chelsea at stamford bridge… he was putting in 2 goals to win us the game, and against liverpool at home, he was scoring a brilliant individual goal to get us a draw.

    he can score goals for fun when he puts his shooting boots on as he showed in henrys last season at arsenal, when thierry henry was injured he took the goal scoring baton and showed signs of being a prolific striker

    Van Persie is amazing, and any club in europe would love to have him

  4. I couldn’t agree any more. I would sell him and move AA into the middle.

  5. He’s a punkass. Rightly put,he should be shown the door. This guy and Ade failed the team,i remember pre season,we won all matches with Vela and Bendt and lost when the two lazy bums featured.

  6. We must take advantage of Arshavin’s prolific talents. Move him into the middle if that’s what he prefers. If it upsets Ade or Van P., sell them both and buy some support for AA. I still drool over his 4 against the Scousers and look forward to more of the same next term.

  7. Thomas Rooney

    I’m not sure Arsenal should be getting rid of their best players! I agree that the attack should be built around Arshavin next season though.

    Would you be able to email me when you get the chance? There is something I would like to run by you.

    Thanks a lot,


  8. 1. VP scored 20 goals with 15 assists and he is support striker
    2. Many Arsenal players went missing against United and Chelsea
    3. Wage negoitations are natural process, if the market can pay VP 100,000k a week then thats what he should get.
    4. I think he is genuinely committed to the club for a long time.
    5. VP should be captain

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