Should We Buy Babel?

Ryan Babel a long-time Arsenal fan and who a couple of years ago spent the whole summer pleading form Wenger to sign him has been told by Benitez that he can leave. Liverpool will be looking at a price in the region of £11 million.

Babel has been a peripheral figure at Anfield in the last two seasons making only 42 starts, but still scoring 14 goals.

Arsene has stated that he will sit down and re-assess the whole playing staff and will make changes where necessary.  Babel is a typical Wenger player; he has speed, athleticism, scores goals and can play on either wing or up front.

Some people will argue why do we need another wide player or if he could not cut it at Liverpool then why should we take their cast-offs?

In reality Nasri, Rosicky and Arshavin are all playmakers, preferring a central attacking role.  Walcott is, or will become a striker; he is merely learning his trade on the wing.  Arshavin has stated his preferred position is central, behind the striker, when he has played in that role he has been more effective. 

 Wenger will in all probability allow Vela to go out on loan for a season.  Adebayor’s future is in Wenger’s hands, the striker is almost pleading not to be sold. If Arsene is true to his thoughts, he should let Adebayor leave and rebuild our attack.

Babel will give us genuine pace on the flank, he can cross the ball and score goals. Babel is a similar player to Reyes, in that he can play wide or as a central striker.  These are players that Wenger likes (Reyes and Wiltord both performed similar functions), versatile players. Babel is young enough for Wenger to mould and the player will be determined to prove to Benitez what he is capable of doing.  

If Wenger was to revamp our strike-force with Adebayor leaving and Downing out injured until January so not available to buy, Babel is the man that will give us variety, width and pace.  This move will allow Arshavin to move to a more central role.  This will strengthen the attack, selling Adebayor for £25 million and buying Babel for £11 million will be a great piece of business.

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  1. always wanted babel 2b a gunner. kan he b our supper sub?

  2. i hadn’t considered babel but i think you are totally right.

    i pray ade is sold and if we get even just 20 mil for him then we’ll have 34 mil to spend. and i think considering he’s proven in the premiership and would only costr around 11 mil, he would be a fantastic signing.

    how many of us would really complain if in a few weeks time we were ade down, babel up and with 22 mil left to spend? not too many i expect.

  3. if reports are to be believed that we can have the fulham cb for 8 mil then we could have him + babel and still have 14 mil remaining. that’s presuming we wouldn’t get more than 20 mil for ade which we possibly could and that we wouldn’t sell one of our other players.

  4. Terence McGovern

    you people are smoking crack if you think we should or will sign Babel( a player whose dive cancelled Walcott’s amazing run at Anfield to set up what should have been an amazing winner cue Babel’s cheating dive and Arsenal are out)
    Rosicky will have a full pre-season and Nasri is also comfortable in that position. There is absolutely NO WAY that Arsene Wenger would sign another winger to warm the bench for that kind of money when he has already commited to buying an experienced central/defensive midfielder. If you guys want to get excited, go watch footage of Lorik Cana on Youtube. That guy is EXACTLY what we need. He has a unique knack of winning the ball and sending opponents flying thru the air at the same time. The man is a beast! Opposing teams that like to kick us would think twice about it if he is on the pitch.

  5. There’s enough competition in the midfield and striker position – not necessarily all good competition but there’s quite a bit of attacking options and buying more doesn’t solve our defensive problems. We bought Arshavin to supplement our attack and we still have Eduardo and Rosicky on our roster and hopefully recover for next season so why add even more?

    Money is better spent in defensive cover which is one of the main factors did us in this season.

  6. No …i believe what Terence said is right…dont have any idea abt Cana though…but no more wingers…

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