Should Arsenal Swoop for these Relegated Players?

When teams are relegated there are normally no rich pickings as the squads are so below par they would not bring anything to your team.  This season we have season on of the “giants” relegate in Newcastle United, whilst Middlesbrough are team laden with young talented players. 

Wenger should take a look at several players who could add to our squad.

Steven Taylor is 23 years old and has made over 100 appearances for the Magpies in the Premier League.  Taylor is a central defender, but can also play as a right back and left back; he is a player who has gone about his job quietly but effectively.  Had Taylor been at a top four team, he would have been an England regular.  Taylor is a London lad, so there would be no issue about him settling back in London.  Taylor signed a new contract last summer earning him £35,000 a week.  With the Geordies down players will be looking at their personal career progression. Wenger could acquire Taylor for £8 million. Taylor would be a major addition to our squad and the perfect defender.

Taylor’s defensive partner Sebastien Bassong is also a defender who is available.  Bassong is French, which makes him a favourite for the press to link him with Arsenal.  Bassong is 22 years old and can play a central defender or left-back. The player has stated that he is not interested in playing in the Championship.  There will be a scramble for his signature.  Bassong has been a stable player this season, but has been prone to a few errors of judgement.

If Arsene decides to sell Adebayor, then he will no doubt take another look at Obafemi Martins.  Martins is 24 or 27 years old and a Nigerian international.  He has a good scoring record for Newcastle, 28 goals in 88 games.  He has great pace, is strong, aggressive and scores from outside the area as well as from inside the box.  We have been linked with Martins for two seasons now, as far as Arsenal are concerned it is now or never for Obafemi.

Down the road Middlesbrough’s David Wheater has stated he will not ask for a transfer, but he will leave it up to the manager to decide his future.  There will be a host of clubs looking at adding Wheater to their squad.  He is a no nonsense defender, great in the air, a threat at set pieces and will develop into one of England’s great centre-halves. Wheater may be young at 22, but he will be a great defender to bring to the club, ticking all the boxes.

Wheater’s team-mate Stewart Downing would have been in demand this summer had he not been injured.  Downing, subject to recovering, is a winger in the true mode.  He has been much maligned in certain media quarters, perhaps because he does not have the trickery (and wastefulness) of Aaron Lennon, but he has accuracy in his crossing.  Downing will be a player who could supply the crosses for Bendtner or Adebayor.

Wenger should not feel guilty about taking players from clubs that have been relegated, that is the way of football.  At both Newcastle and Middlesbrough are three central defenders worthy of a look.  The two English players will add and strengthen our defense.

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  1. martins is 32

  2. Yes, I think AW should seriously look at the players mentioned above to strength our bench and these players may be more effective than our regulars to play with mid-table teams, whose have cost dearly this season.

  3. either of the taylors are good…as is bassong…
    arsene was looking at martins last year but decided against it… not stewart downing either…yes he can cross but that doesnt automatically qualify him to play for arsenal…

  4. Martins is 24. 28 goals in 88 appearances is quite terrible given he’s been Newcastle’s only fully fit striker. Bassong is surely an option but maybe this isn’t the best time for AW to be looking at more youth. But maybe there’s a reason these players got relegated. It isn’t talent AW should be focussed on but mentality and experience.

    • northbanklegend

      There is a confusion over Martins age. He claims he is 24, whilst the Nigerian FA claims he is older!!

  5. Buying defenders from teams that have been relegated. Interesting! Have you checked out their goal differences?

    • northbanklegend

      Steve Taylor and Wheaer are good defenders. You cannot attribute all goals conceded to one or two individuals

  6. hammanie lagos migeria

    to me i think its a good option to buy steven taylor , the players is till ok than mikeal sylvester if he can get jermaine alaidiere is ok we have some many left footer in attack so i don’t think we need obafemi martins at a.ll

  7. After giving Newcastle a look I wouldn’t want any of their players. We’ve been linked with Bassong but he’s not the answer to our particular defensive problems – so I hope he will be ruled out. Steven Taylor is a decent player but like many Newcastle players he’s somewhat dirty – not a big loss if we don’t get him. Wheater is perhaps deserves the best look – he’s big, strong and good in the air – something we’ve needed alongside Gallas or Toure. Martins isn’t as good as Newvastle make him out to be and not better than what we have – he has less goals than our strikers and even when he was on a winning Inter Milan he couldn’t score consistently. Downing is overrated – let me say again OVERRATED – it’s simply because he is English that he gets so much attention, but he’s not better than Arshavin or Nasri.

  8. Perhaps Wheater or Taylor, maybe Bassong but I think we should stay away from Martins – he’s just as injury prone as our strikers and no better than they are – we don’t need him!

  9. Downing IS OVERRATED… i saw his numbers this season.. ridiculous amount of shots and not one goal… Not good enough for Arsenal. For Tottenham yes… not for Arsenal

  10. “Taylor is a London lad, so there would be no issue about him settling back in London.”

    What the hell are you on? Yes, he happened to have been born in Greenwich, but he grew up in Cramlington, played for Whitley Bay Boys Club and is a lifelong Newcastle supporter!

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