Arsenal Ready to Bid for Hangeland

The papers are full of stories that Wenger is prepared to make a bid of £15 million for Fulham’s centre-back Brede Hangeland.  The Danish centre-back has received rave reviews all season and Arsenal have been linked with the 6ft 4 inch defender for some months.

 Fulham will be reluctant to sell one of their main assets.  Fulham had one of the best home defensive records this season and a Hangeland was a main contributor.

 At the end of the day money task and for Fulham to make over £10 million profit on Hangeland in such a short spell, will be too much for Al Fayed and the board to turn down. Hangeland has two years left on his contract and does not seem to be in a hurry to extend it.

Hangeland is a no nonsense defender, he will aerial challenges, not shirk a physical confrontation.  He has 18 months Premier League experience, so there will be no settleing in period. He is the  type of player we need.

His arrival will in part be financed by the departure of Senderos for £6 million, probably to a German club, whilst we may also see the end of a Silvestre who did not make any friends in his year at the Emirates.

 Wenger will want to see if the board are as true to their word as they claim in public. If the board do not back the manager, or tell him this is your transfer kitty blown on one player, then expect Wenger to walk out on Arsenal.

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  1. Finally a tall no-nonsense defender…..we have missed this since adams, bould and keown!! our midfield and fowards are already good enough we need this player badly….just one or 2 more and i think we’re there.

  2. arsenalchazz

    *correction* Brede Paulsen Hangeland (born 20 June 1981 in Houston, Texas) is an American born Norwegian footballer.

  3. He`s NOT Danish..he`s NORWEGIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. That’s what I heard too. Maybe it’s time for Wenger to leave. Silverstre stunk when he played for Man U last year. That’s why Sir Alex let him go. It’s not Arsenal’s defense that needs it help. They need more players to put the ball in the back of the net. I’m not the manager but that’s what I would do. When you get a moment check out my blog. It’s different and refreshing. Thanks Bobby Gee

    • Spanish Breakfast

      Are bloody mental? We need someone to put the ball in the net??? I’m not surprised you’re in the anTi wenger brigade. All they want is cups and etoo and don’t even watch the flipping, never mind look at a league table. UNBELIEVABLE!

  5. Bobby Gee, look at the table it isn’t scoring thats the problem, our lack of strength and height at the back has been our main problem since sol campbell left, Wenger has done so much for our club don’t start slating him when your clearly have no idea what your going on about when your just going on about buying forwards.

  6. bobbygee your flat out wrong. We scored nearly as many as Man Utd. Weve conceded many more than them and that is our problem…dummy

  7. Hangeland-fan

    Brede played really well in Copenhagen, he was problably thae best defender ever to play in Denmark. I actually only got few chances to watch him play in Fullham, but as i see it he would do very well in Arsenal.

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