Adebayor Nears The Exit Door

Our great talisman Adebayor was injured so did not travel to Old Trafford; well we did not miss him.  Wenger came out and supported him at the infamous shareholders meeting, as you would expect, then Adebayor releases an interview in which he states that it is all about the money. Wenger then admits he will consider selling the big man to Chelsea.

Berlusconi, for some unknown reason, and we will not argue with him, like Adebayor.  He rates the big man highly, probably on the back of the goal that he scored last season against AC Milan.  Berlusconi has stated that “There is a good chance the can get Adebayor.”  This is the most positive statement from AC Milan. More than anything uttered last season when Arsene was adamant that Adebayor was going nowhere.

This season the picture is different.  Wenger knows he can claim a big fee for Adebayor, whilst he has seen Bendtner progress this season and with Walcott and Eduardo also vying for a striking berth next season, there is the possibility that Arsene will not even replace Adebayor.  Instead he could use the diminutive Russian as a second striker, in a role that he favours and a role that will see him excel further.


Once again his agent has stepped into the picture and requested a meeting with Arsene to discuss his player’s future.  He wants to know why his player is being booed at the Emirates, whilst Adebayor is also perplexed at this situation.

If either of them bothered to look at recordings of the games of recent weeks, they will why the Arsenal fans have turned against him so quickly

There is no clamour this season from Arsenal fans to keep Adebayor; we have seen what he is like, a one-season wonder and a money-grabbing lazy player. 

 Sunday will be his last chance to show the Arsenal fans that his heart is at the Emirates, but the Arsenal fans do not have the stomach to cheer or applaud Adebayor and the consensus is the sooner he leaves the better.. 

 He only has himself to blame, he could have been an Arsenal legend but he has not put the effort in and has looked disinterested too often this season, we need players who wish to fight for the Arsenal cause, not take the money and laugh.

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  1. The other day, I watched a re-run of an Arsenal game in 2007. I can’t remember the opponents or the score.
    What I DO remember was Ade running,chasing and harrying every ball. He never stopped. I then remembered this season and his total laziness. The long clearance from our defence towards him (and his marker).Ade would immediately peel off in the vain Hope that a mistake by the defender would give him possession….it never did. Let him and his agent look at the same match as I did and ponder.

  2. Eboue&Song Legion Of Magiks

    I believe Adebayor can play, only when surrounded by play makers. He is not a creator, but can finish and even link up, when the mood is right. Last season was an example. But Hleb was there to support. Now we have many strikers, time to cash in? Or wait for the play makers to return? Adebayor might start to function properly again! OR spend the cash on a creator this time. I say break the bank and get Benzema. Wait! the bank can’t afford it? Let the economist decide…

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