Defence Is Not Our Only Weakness

Arsene Wenger pronounced that the main difference between us and Manchester United was the defence.  Is true if you look at the facts and figures, but no so true if you scratch the surface.

If you look at our away performances we are the top goal scorers, whilst in terms of conceding goals we have the sixth best defence.  We have won 9 away games, in these games we have scored 27 goals, whereas when we have not won in the remaining 10 games we have only scored 10 goals and 4 of those goals came in one game against Liverpool.  This shows that when we win away from the Emirates we score plentiful goals, but when a game is tight the goals dry up.

At home we have the seventh best scoring record, behind Manchester City and Fulham.  We have scored 27 goals at home, 20 of those goals came in 10 of our wins, whilst we have scored 7 in the remaining 8 games, and again four of those goals came in one draw.

 The difference in our goals against Manchester United is that when we win we win in style, scoring plenty of goals, whilst Manchester United  have won plenty of games with the odd goal, something we have rarely done this season.  This is what the press refer to as winning when you are not playing well.

 Defensively at home we have not had a bad season, we conceded 15 goals, but 8 of those goals came in two games against Chelsea and Spurs.

 Whilst it is agreed that we need to strengthen our defence, we must not lose sight of our scoring deficiencies.  We need more goals from midfield and hopefully Nasri, Arshavin and Rosicky will provide those goals in the tight games.

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  1. While I agree that defense is not our only problem, as the saying goes “Defense wins championships” and Man Utd’s record 11 clean sheets is testament to that. Surely you can look at our 5 goalless draws as at least 10 points dropped – fair enough. However if you scan the records enough you can also see that we’ve lost far too many games, mostly by a goal, to even be considered champions. I believe the most losses a winning team ever lost was 4 and we’re a little over that. When we were title contenders losses were 2 or 3 for entire seasons and you’ll find that similarly for most of the winning clubs in any given season. Yes outscoring the opponent is a part of winning a game but if you can never be scored on, there is always a chance to win by an odd goal, whereas if you aim to outscore your opponent goal for goal then you could run the risk of being on the losing end or dropping 2 points in some 4-4 draw. Our attack is better than most but can be improved, however our “spine” as people call it is where we really need work. It can be argued that having a good defense and CM to break up plays allows for more possession and more opportunities at goal. So indirectly it stands to reason that a solid defense leads to better attacking opportunitis, whereas the opposite may not be true.

  2. The difference between us and Man U is that they either win or lose.

    1 win and 1 loss is better than 2 draws. It would be better to expeirence the anguish of giving up a last minute losing goal one week , and getting a last minute winning goal the next week,
    As you said winning by the odd goal is something we dont do as well as Man U. However I think our defence’s figures may have been blighted by certain games this season. We conceded 11 goals in 3 games againt Liverpool, CHelsea and Man City. We are not that far away from competing

  3. thats why we need a power house at the back. and some 1 to win the ball in midfield,and give it to fab to distribute it.any1 can see that arsen. sell adebayor cos he is useless.when you look at all the other top strikers in the prem they have far more then him.

  4. Patrick Joe Pariyo

    The way Adebayor talks after his move to Manchester is to preposterous, he tends to think that he is a great player, but actually he let arsenal down due to his arogance and dumb brain, he was never a great striker, most of his goal came as accidents not as real striker genious struggles. let him not think he will have it his way in Man city, the coach there is diferent where as wenger tolerated him much on top the uncountable mistakes he made and failed to score as he should have as a striker. He is just a self conceited togolese who thinks he is been admired and so swells like a cat near a dog but actually he was not even an arsenal materail.

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