Arsenal Board Must Resign

Many Arsenal fans, journalists and people in football cannot understand why Wenger does not spend money in the transfer market.   They see our weaknesses, they see a massive stadium sold out for every game and record profits recorded year after year and ask themselves why will he not spend?

Arsene is a gentleman and does not rant like Benitez about the lack of transfer funds or insists on spending £50 million a year like Ferguson or like Redknapp tells the board to cough up or we go down.  Whatever budget Wenger is given, he trudges off to his office, discards his top ten targets and starts to look at the next batch of players.  He never complains or comments publicly,

This acceptance of peanuts by Wenger gives the board the fig-leaf to hide behind and they can claim they always make funds available for Arsene and have never turned him down on any player.

It is the board that Arsenal fans need to turn on, not Arsene and not necessarily the players. The board promised that we will compete at the highest level in terms of transfers once we move to the Emirates, but that is a lie.  In the three seasons at the Emirates are net spend on players is £12 million, in the same period Liverpool have spent £59 million, Manchester United £70 million and Tottenham £76 million.  As Spurs have proven spending money does not bring success, but if Arsene was give half of that to spend he will deliver us trophies galore.

 The board are cowards; they sat on the back-sides and allowed Arsene to take the flak for the lack of spending.  If Hill-Wood was a man he should have stood up and told the shareholders that Arsenal do not have £20 million to spend on players.  He should than have explained that due to the economic crisis, the club has been unable to sell the flats at Highbury Square which would have repaid the £135 million loan due next April, plus freed up further cash for Arsene Wenger.  Hill-Wood should also have explained why the board are not prepared to take up Usmanov’s offer to help repay some of our loan. 

 The Arsenal board is a shambles, they sell their shares when they wish, and in the case of Fiszman, he makes a tax free gain, they are not prepared to give Wenger £30 million to invest in players and then they play a charade of always backing the manager.

 Arsenal fans need to turn on the board, they either put the club’s interest first or they should resign en masse, allowing Kroenke, Usmanov, Dein and Gazidis to run the club in a professional manner.

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  1. Hear Hear. I think this needs to be pointed out. Fiszman and co out, dean and usmanov in!

  2. we need this takeova 2 happen so we can rehuffle

  3. I’m sorry i disagree completely with you. The idea that the arsenal fans ‘need’ someone or some entity to vent their frustrations on is bullshit. We should be supporting our club the way we did when we were winning trophies. Obviosly some pressure needs to be put on the board to squeeze out some money but please do not argue as if it is the responsibility of the fans to make sure the club’s policies are in tandem with the winning mentality of the players. We play our part but directing fan abuse towards the arsenal board will solve nothing.

    • northbanklegend

      Do you know that when it suited Fiszman he sold his shares to Kroenke, as he is a tax exie he does not pay any tax. His loyalty lies in himself first.
      The rest ofthe board, execpet Kroenke own zero shares in the club, they are in it for the kudos.

  4. To true lets all carry signs at the last home game against Stoke with sack the board Hill-wood and the rest have lost it time for new blood

  5. Its about time the board was asked to resign. Get petitions going and an internet vote too. And ram copies into the boards cakeholes!! All true Gunners will sign their names. OUT WITH THE BOARD

  6. george rodger

    thats right sack the board for running arsenal like a buisness and making it the envy of every club chairman in the world and giving us dignaty and class that make the other EPL clubs look like amatures . get real you clowns.

  7. Iguru Herbert

    The thing is the board members are after their profits not the clubs success they think the club has acheived it all. But on the other hand arsene failed himself He has always played adebayo even when he had just come back from the injury shifting the already fiting player van persie, He has trusted the older gallas beating his policy of using young players like yohan djourou. In the 1st leg of champions league he played Diaby instead of Denilson killing the flow of Theo. So why not blame him too Man U too has young players agements of the likes of Fabregas but the defference is that the Man U young stars love to win But the Arsenal Young stars are desparate to only be 1st team starters Wenger should stick to his policy and penalise those players that do not perform to their expectations like Adebayor, Diaby, Gallas and he should rediscover the counter attacking skill that he had during the UNBEATEN RECORD TIMES

  8. am confused with the kind of coach arsenal have, the board will gave him money to buy players but still yet he will not spend, he prefer to return the money i think thats what makes the arsenal board not to have a say over wenger. is that the fans are still coming to the stadium to there match i think arsenal fan in uk needs a protest over wenger and his policy.

  9. This article makes some interesting points. While I would not agree the Board should resign, I think at the very least, they should come out and either confirm the Daily Mail’s story about the 13 million transfer fund or refute the story and tell us Arsene does have sufficient funds to buy the 3 or 4 players we need. I think as fans we need to hear the Board are backing Arsene with money to move the team on or confirm the club does have cash problems at the moment. No more glib public statements about there being money IF Arsene needs it while privately telling him there isn’t. This leaves Arsene in a very difficult position and makes him the scapegoat rather than the Board. If the Board has any backbone, let’s see it and tell us just what is really happening behind the scenes! Let’s have some honesty…as fans paying the most for our seats, we do deserve to be treated with respect but then again, maybe we are just numbers to certain members of the Board who beleive we will just keep coming to games irrespective of what they do and say!

  10. I support 100% the board should resign.


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