Arsene Listens to Real Offer

The back-pages are full of Arsene to quit stories.  These come after an interview with French TV in which Arsene said that the Real Madrid project under Perez was interesting and which coach would not be interested in such a project.  Furthermore when pressed as to whether contact had been made, he was silent on the matter.

Quite clearly Wenger is frustrated; he is frustrated with the fans, the shareholders, some of his players and the board.

The fans have been very critical of the team this season, and with some justification.  Some performances have been below par and some players have not turned up to certain matches. 

The shareholders gave Arsene a rough ride at a recent meeting, venting the anger with the situation.  This shook Wenger and could have led him to question whether what he as doing was the correct thing.

Wenger has been shown no loyalty by some players in recent years.  Lassana Diara was plucked from Chelsea’s reserves, but was not prepared to wait and left with months; Flamini had led Arsene to believe that he was staying and then turned his back on Arsenal.  Hleb threatened to buy out hi contract, so Arsene let him leave, whilst Adebayor has been courting AC Milan for two seasons.

The biggest frustration for Arsene is the board.  We moved to the Emirates to be able to compete with Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester United in the transfer market, yet his budget is being reduced every season.  It is rumoured that this summer Wenger’s budget is £13 million.  Yet Hill-Wood and Fiszman are happy to appear in public and state that Arsene has money to spend and that they will always provide all the funds he requires, but that is after they have set the financial limit.  In other words they will back him for any player within his budget.

His “flirtation” with Real Madrid can be described as a “crie de coeur”, do not take me for granted and do not expect me to work miracles with no funds and to cover your backs.

Arsene has two years left on his contract, and he has stated many times he has never walked out on a contract ion his life.  Though there are rumours that his contract expires this summer and the remaining two seasons are “roll-over” so technically he will not be breaking a contract if he left.  

 What we must remember is that Arsene believes we are close to the end of the project. He believes we are two years away from seeing the fruition of  investing in these young players and I doubt no matter how annoyed he is he will walk away an d admit defeat in this project in which he has invested so much time and his credentials.  He will want to see matters to the bitter end.

 Sunday we will see a great outpouring of support for Arsene Wenger from the stands because we all know what he has done for this club.  The last seven days has seen us drive Arsene to edge, but when we look over the edge we see darkness and we will pull back and support Arsene.

 If there is one body that needs to be attacked by the fans it is the board.  They have lied to the fans over the years in terms of transfer funds and they have hidden behind the fact that Arsene is a gentleman and will not rock the boat.

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  1. I hope Arsene holds on for as long as it takes! I believe the fans are loyal enough and have got over their disappointments for this season. I admit the fault is with the board and have always blamed them for driving David Dein away.

    Anyway I hope Wenger stays on for as long as he can take it I don’t believe there’s anybody else who can replace him at the moment if he were to decide to leave. So Arsenal FC would be worse off without him.

    • northbanklegend

      The board, namely Hill-Wood and Fiszmann are liars in terms of money available to spend. They are blinkered and will not have anything to do with Usmanov even though he offered to help reduce the debt mountain.

  2. Here is my view i think the board Hill-Wood and Fiszmann should stand down they have lost there way and out of touch
    Usmanov should invite the American to Join Red and White Holdings and they takeover the club they should then give Wenger 100 million to spend plus money from transfers
    ABe 24 million
    Diaby 8 million
    RVP 16 million
    Denilson 10 million
    Bentner 15 million
    Total 173million
    Villa 45 million
    Inlar 25 million
    Lescott 15 million
    Alonso 18 million
    Hageland 18 million
    Fullar 15 million
    Total 136 million
    Increase stadium to 85,000 with whats left over

    • The transport network around Highbury wouldn’t be able to cope with 85,000 not to mention the many empty seats we’ve seen this season. Not a good idea.

  3. Joseph Umunegbu

    Arsene and the board has been in the same bed for a long time now, and therefore has been as bad as each other. At times Wenger has behaved more as a business manager and a marketing manager (PR salesman ) than a football manager. He forgot his job as a football manager is to squeeze the board for money and express his discontent if they fail to help him with the much needed financial resources. Mr SAF would never had made this mistake, but we are not asking Wenger to demand huge amounts. There is no room for gentlemen in the world of football business so WENGER SHOULD GET REAL (no pun intended). He has made mistakes himself which he has refused to acknowledge and is at times full of excuses and false promises. For instance, if the £14 million sale of Alonso had gone through last summer that would have taken his expenditure close to 40 million, but he bought a lot of needless kids because of there sale on value (another example of thinking business rahter than thinking football).

    But Arsenal are now in a dlemma. Damned if he goes and damned if he stays. The latter is probably the better option which can be improved if we get rid of the aged board members and bring fresh blood willing to put money in the football club.

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