Will van Persie Following Adebayor Out of Arsenal?

After one of his most productive seasons in an Arsenal shirt and following on from two injury ravaged seasons, Robin van Persie is stalling on signing a new contract.  This is the man who only last week was sympathising with the supporters and was pleading that the squad is kept together.

 Yet  loyalty is paper-thin in football and instead of showing his loyalty to a club that paid him in full for two seasons when he hardly kicked the ball, he is prepared to leave, or even worse has asked of a €5 million transfer clause to inserted into his contracted.

 Whilst van Persie has played well and scored goals this season, he has been going through a very lean spell of late.  Whilst he scored three goals in the Champions League in recent weeks, they have all been from the penalty spot. His last goal from open play was against Hull City in the FA Cup, ten games ago.  His last Premier League was the last minute equaliser away to Everton in January.

 Form and confidence have deserted van Persie at the wrong time of the season, this was evident on Saturday when he was left unmarked by the United defence but all he could do was direct his header over the crossbar. 

 Van Persie is not suited to playing the lone striker; he drifts to deep and makes life too easy for defenders marking him. Even when he has a partner he has a habit of drifting away from the front line, leaving his strike partner to cope with two defenders.

 The club are offering him £70,000 a week, whilst his agent wants £90,000.  The club should not be held to ransom as were last season by Adebayor.  The offer the club has made is a very good one, if van Persie believes otherwise then we should him in summer and build a new team around Arshavin playing just off the main striker.

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  1. RvP is class
    We need him for next season.

  2. RvP has grown in stature as a leader this year. I’d be very surprised if he left, he’s only got to call Flamoney and Pleb to see that the grass aint necesarily greener.

  3. Terence McGovern

    It would hardly be unreasonable for RVP to recieve the same contract that Adebayour has.
    This is all just partisan press speculation anyway. Robin will be there next year.

  4. I am torn on this one. If he insists on that buyout clause, then he must be moved now. If that is rubbish, then I would be happy to pay him the same wages as Ade.

  5. pls let me tell you arsenal fan selling van Persie is not the problem but replaceing him is where the proble lays ,let me tell you is like you have forget so soon that arsenal can sell there key players but they can not replace them for even up to 4years.One thing you most know is that if arsenal refuse to buy players
    ,they will still be there seening other teams celebrating trouphies next season that is what you must know about arsenal.am a very strong arsenal fan but if they refuse to sign players then take it that the team will never win a trophy

  6. He’s Hollywood, takes every possible free-kick only to fire it over or into the wall.

    We get 30 games a season out of him max and we haven’t won anything in his generation so I don’t see how he can get anymore than £60k a week.

    If we can get any more than £15m for him then I think he should go.

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