Arsenal TV Edits Wengers Q&A Session!

I watched the infamous Arsene Wenger meets the shareholders Question and Answer session on Arsenal TV the other day.  I was sitting waiting for the vitriolic attacks on Silvestre (well deserved, a liability), the criticism of Adebayor, Song and Diaby. I was looking forward to hear what Arsene actually about these players.  I wanted to hear Arsene openly criticize the fans as was widely reported on Friday.

 Well surprise, surprise there was not much dissent from the audience.  There was no cringing from Gazidis and Hill-Wood and there was intervention from Bob Wilson.  In fact all we saw was praise for Arsene in what he has done for the club, then there were shareholders eulogising at the great entertaining football we see at the Emirates.  There were minor criticisms of Adebayor, like why did he go AWOL for O’Shea’s goal and where are the real leaders at the club. 

 At the end of the programme I was waiting to hear if there was to be a part two to the show, maybe they were reserving the real questions for a post-midnight show, but that was not case.

 Arsenal TV should have shown the Q&A session in its entirety, warts and all.  Instead the airing of the Q&A would have made the old Soviet Union media proud.  We airbrushed all criticism of players and also ensured that Arsene did not turn on the fans.  Well done Arsenal TV for not bringing the truth to the world.  The editing of the Q&A was a disgrace.  I expected Arsenal TV to explain why they elected to not to show the session in its full, time cannot be an issue, we repeat the same programmes in the same evening and was this was an important matter, then time should have been allotted to showing us the truth.

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  1. Terence McGovern

    What did you expect? I would be unreasonable for you to expect the club to deliberately broadcast anything that could be perceived to be negative or embarrassing to its own entities.

    If I owned the club I would have done the same as would you. Of course if I owned the club I wouldn’t dream of subjecting my manager and prize asset to such drivel.

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